The heartwarming moment an 8-Year old girl, hears her own voice for the first time in four years following a life-changing cochlear implant

Tamzin Stockdale and her auntie before her 2nd cochlear implant operation 4/12/16.  This is the moment an eight-year-old girl heard properly for the first time in years thanks to cochlear implants - after a rare virus saw her become deaf overnight. See NTI story NTIDEAF. Tamzin Stockdale, eight, woke up unable to hear four years ago and baffled doctors later discovered it was due to a rare virus she caught in the womb.  She has had one cochlear implant installed giving her limited hearing back, but six months ago the virus struck again - robbing her of nearly all her remaining hearing.  The schoolgirl had a second implant implanted earlier this month and doctors activated them both for the first time on December 22.
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