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10 Things Every Bride Should Know Before Her Wedding Night

All the guests are gone, helpers are winding up, marriage decorator are unwinding the decoration, all the marriage ceremonies are done, and finally only two of you – the newlywed bride and her groom are driven off with their honeymoon luggage.

Well that’s what happened on mine too! Wink!

In between sister-in-law or your best girlfriend offers help to have a quick change of clothes. And after a long event-filled happy day two of you finally flew to your honeymoon destination.

But wait! Are you ready for your first night as a married woman?

If not, after reading my tips you will be.

1. Take it slow

After a long tiring journey, slowdown your pace and new husband’s too. Start with a light dinner, lots of cuddles, body massage, plenty of rest and sound sleep to ease out all the emotional, mental, and physical stress you two were carrying since your D-day. Undoubtedly it is hard to control your emotions for the moment you two were waiting forever but have a word with your husband and bring him to the same page.

2. $ex within marriage and outside of wedlock

Both are completely different. So never think of yourself a pro on your wedding night. To score 10 out of 10 on your first night but sometimes super high expectations can turn into serious disappointment. So at first night wear learner’s hat.

3. Never thought of your past ever again

If you had an intim*te relationship in the past, shut that door right away and never recall it.

Tip – making love is not clean as it seems.

4. First time things might seem awkward

If it’s your first kiss or intim*te night it’s ok. You need to worry about how to kiss and breathe at the same time! Although such thoughts will struck in your mind but nothing to worry about once you start getting into your most awaited moment every fear, awkward, messy and hilarious feeling will go away! Nobody is perfect and practice makes a man perfect! Wink!

5. Communicate and get away all your worries

Make a thumb rule, nobody can read your mind. You need to speak out about how you feel and what you want. And the marriage bed is the most likely right place to share all your thoughts with your beloved partner. Don’t be shy and never feel bad about any of your imperfections. Just remember the lyrics of “Cause all of me, Loves all of you” in your mind.

6. As it is your first time, it might hurt a little!

After listening from here or there, girls have an image in their mind that at their first night they would have blood bath at their first night. But let me clear this myth girl. It is nothing like that. Although the pain would be unavoidable but if things will fall on the right place that would be the most pleasing pain of your life. Ask him to go slow and steady and everything will be fine. It is just like an exercise. Once you become use to of there won’t be any sore feeling.

7. That’s not the end, that’s the start of your beautiful life.

Once you two are on bed and enjoyed your first night that doesn’t mean there is nothing left in your life to do onwards. That was just a first step on your ladder girl. There are many more evenings, nights, and days have to come in your life that you have to enjoy. Wink! To get perfection, keep learning, keep exploring, and keep growing.

8. Marriage is not about the $ex

Real intimacy of marriage doesn’t lies in the $ex. It’s all about connecting your soul with your beloved partner mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. If you are connected to your partner on these three pillars, nothing can shake your relationship.

9. Find a reliable and a good mentor

Be in touch with someone who is trustworthy, have some sound knowledge of relationship, and knows you personally. He or she can guide you in the difficult situations of your life.

10. Don’t behave like a manicure!

The biggest $exual organ of a human body is their mind. That’s no old-wives tale. If you don’t feel good about yourself you can’t love anyone. So as it is your first night with him, it is same with him. Concentrate on the moment and push away all the buzzing thoughts in your mind like how were the guests, food, dancing, music, ceremony, or the TV running in the background. Unlearn untruths and learn the truth!


Never go for heavy food before heading for the lovem*king session. Empty your bladder before and after that humping session. Keep yourself clean down there and ask him to do the same. If the pain during $ex is unbearable, visit gynecologist immediately. Use lots of lubrication. Keep a handy towel to clear the mess.

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