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Causes of sudden increase in the brea*st size

As you grow in age and there are chemical changes in the body, the brea*st size often tends to grow. Besides this, various habits and lifestyle practices also cause a lot of changes in the brea*st size. Thus, one should not ignore if the brea*st size shows an increase.

There are many women who do not pay attention to the change in their brea*st size. With time, there are many changes that the brea*st undergoes. While buying lingerie, women often switch to their old size and do not believe that their size has outgrown. However, as you grow in age, gain weight, adopt unhealthy habits, there comes a slight change in the size of your breasts. One must pay attention to their brea*st size and should not ignore this. Hormonal changes and pregnancy are also few reasons for which there is an alteration in the brea*st size. Let’s discuss what are the causes of increase in the brea*st size.

What are the various reasons for the sudden increase in the brea*st size?


The heaviness in the brea*st is quite normal and natural during pregnancy. Changes in the hormones are the main reason behind the same. There is a sudden pumping of more blood in the brea*st tissues that leads to increase in the size of the brea*st. In some cases, the size of the brea*st keeps increasing until the 9th month of pregnancy.

brea*st cancer
Inflammatory brea*st cancer also increases the size of the brea*st all of a sudden. Though the possibility is very low, still it happens in some cases. If you are feeling the same, you must visit the doctor. Studies show that women who have a large brea*st size are more prone to brea*st cancer.


During periods and after the process of ovulation the level of progesterone and estrogen are quite high in the body, thus the size of the brea*st also increases. Besides this, the breasts are quite sensitive during this time. Therefore, there is a possibility of an increase in the brea*st size during periods.

Sexual relationship
During the sexual relationship and foreplay, usually, the brea*st size grows. There is a change in the hormones of the body which increase the size of the breasts and area nearby.

Contraceptive pills

If you consume the contraceptive pill on daily basis, there is a sudden change in the brea*st size. The contraceptive pills increase the level of estrogen in the body that affects the overall size of the brea*st.

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