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Various Foods That Are Harmful To Your Vaginal Health

When we talk about the overall health of the body then we should even take care of the vaginal health as well. Most of the women are ignorant about the vaginal health and thus they undergo a lot of sexual problems like vaginitis, yeast infection, vaginal itching, bacterial infection etc.

Thus, in order to avoid these problems, one must take care of the vaginal health as well. A lot of our eating habits are responsible for the unhealthy vaginal condition. If you are consuming unhealthy food and other products which harm your vag!na then you must stop doing it right away.

Let’s discuss what are the various foods that a woman should avoid eating to take good care of their vag!na.

What are the various foods which are harmful to the vaginal health?

Eating too many sweets: Most of us love to eat sweets but it is not a healthy practice. We need to keep a check on the level of sugar in the body as it may increase the chances of yeast infection in the vag!na. Too much sugar makes a way for yeast and bacterial infection.

Onion: The food items with bad odour lead to the problem of vaginal odour as well. Eating onion leads to the changes in the bacteria present in the vag!na. Thus, it eventually leads to the changes in the vaginal odour as well.

Broccoli: Consumption of broccoli might change the vaginal odour. Though broccoli is one of the healthiest food, so don’t completely stop eating it. Just make sure you don’t eat it when you are going to have sexual intimacy with your partner.

Fried food: Fried food is loaded with a lot of fats. Too much consumption of fat leads to the problem of bacterial vaginitis. However, consumption of these foods in a limited quantity can keep the vag!na healthy. But try to avoid it as much as you can.

Alcohol: When you consume too much alcohol, it leads to the problem of dehydration. It leads to the problem of low moisture in the body. Thus, the vag!na becomes dry and there is a lack of natural lubrication in it. Therefore one must drink alcohol in moderation.

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