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Things To Keep In Mind While Having Sex During Pregnancy

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Well, if there is one thing for sure, it helps us build more intimate relationships. Yes, we are talking about sex with our partners. Sex during pregnancy could pose various challenges in our minds and you know what they say! When you got to go! You got to go! Different questions might come to your minds when you or your partner are in the mood. Would it be safe to have sex even though you’re pregnant? May this article answer many such questions!

1) Seek advice from your doctor!

Most moms who are expecting a baby and are having a normal pregnancy might decide to carry on their sexual activities until they go into labour. Though this might not be a major issue, in some cases, there might be a need to alter the activity or abstain from sexy time altogether during pregnancy. Your doctor shall advise you regarding such issues or inform you if you develop any complications.

2) It does not hurt the baby!

A lot of parents might abstain from having sex or wonder if it would hurt the baby. Delete these thoughts from the mind this instant and do the deed in needed! A baby does not get hurt when mommy and daddy make love. The amniotic sac and the muscles of the womb protect the baby.

The muscles of the uterus seal the cervix which results in guarding against infection. During sex, the pen!s does not exceed the vag!na so the baby would not be affected.

safe to have sex during pregnancy
3) Red light if you bleed after sex!

The uterus does have mild contractions during an 0rgasm but it does not harm the baby and is temporary. Though if cramping lasts long or contractions irritate and cause bleeding then call your doctor immediately as it might pose a threat. Talk freely and tell the doctor everything to protect your baby.

4) Not all women feel the urge to get intimate during pregnancy!

Men! Hold your horses and be emotionally present for your partners during pregnancy as many women experience severe hormonal activities which might fluctuate sexual urges. It is important to communicate with them freely and spend more time with each other so she would be comfortable knowing you are around. Nausea or mood swings are common, especially during the first trimester. Don’t worry as when there is a down, there is definitely an up where women can have a strong sexual urge!

sex while pregnant
5) No! It does not put you into labour!

Sex during pregnancy can initiate mild uterine contractions due to having an 0rgasm. Though, many confuse this with labour for a second due to the dilation of the cervix. It has been scientifically proven that it DOES NOT put a woman into preterm labour usually. It is definitely it a trigger for labour even if it is very close to the due date.

6) There is no one particular method!

During pregnancy, one might think if there is a safe method to get intimate with your partner but that is just a myth. There is no right or wrong way for sex during pregnancy as nothing is going to injure the baby. Just choose any position that feels comfortable for you. It is suggested that it’s more convenient if the woman is on top.

sex when pregnant
7) Does it affect the libido of both parents?

Though pregnancy is not same for every woman. Some might experience low sexual drive and some might experience normally in the first trimester. The first trimester leads to a lot of uneasiness. During the second trimester, the libido returns and a woman feels energetic yet again. For the men, on the other hand, the state of mind might pose a problem as he becomes anxious and would be very careful as he does not want to cause pain to you or the baby but in some cases, men might be attracted as some women get curvier.

The key to having a successful intimate time with your partner during pregnancy is communication and sharing everything that they feel during that time to grow closer as a family and prevent unforeseen trouble.

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