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Why Your Breasts Tend To Sag After Breastfeeding

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Mother’s milk is every baby’s white gold…because it is so pure and precious. Breastmilk not just provides nutrition to the baby but also helps in establishing a wonderful bond between mom and baby. Breastfeeding is such an important task for mommies, as they are the only way to meet the baby’s nutritional requirements. However, it can be very taxing on the mother’s breasts.

As you must have experienced, your body undergoes a zillion changes during pregnancy. Your breasts too, undergo a lot of alteration in their size. So, while feeding your baby, your breasts experience changes like loss of volume, engorgement and most importantly…SAGGING!!

Saggy breasts are a huge concern amongst mommies all over the world. Just when mommies are finally able to deal with their weight gain issues, saggy breasts come into the picture and complicate things further. Although there are ways to deal with saggy boobies once the weaning process is completed, you need to understand why your breasts begin to droop after nursing.

Why do breasts droop after breastfeeding?

There are plenty reasons for your breasts to droop, especially after breastfeeding. Most women consider of breastfeeding as the main reason why they have saggy breasts. But the real reason is that- the breasts undergo changes ever since pregnancy happened to them.

The ligaments that attach the chest to the muscle gets stretched during pregnancy. This directly leads to increasing the size of the breasts as that’s how a woman’s body gets prepared for nursing. The stretching causes muscles to undergo tension and the ligaments become loose and begin sagging.

Once the baby is born, the process of breastfeeding begins right after and that is exactly what creates a change in the breasts. Now that the breasts are flushed with milk, they become heavier as the ligaments begin to stretch.

Once the breastfeeding routine is set, the breasts return to the same size as they were during your pregnancy. The size of your breasts remains around the same size till your baby is old enough to let go off weaning. But until then, your breasts are going to be bigger in size and hence they sag once the baby stops feeding from your breasts,

Drooping and saggy breasts also occur depending on the mother’s age. Experts say that women who are in their late 30’s tend to lose their skin’s elasticity faster than other women. So, their breasts get easily affected during this transitioning process.

Science has also proved that women who consume a lot of aerated drinks, soda and alcohol will have saggy b0obs in the long run. The skin loses elasticity and that leads to sagging breasts.

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