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Is Sex During Pregnancy Safe? Find Out

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You may be terribly confused by all the different opinions you read on the internet about having sex while you’re pregnant. Should you, should you not, is it safe, is it normal or is it harmful for the baby?

Well, we understand that it might get muddled up in your head, so we have curated a bunch of frequently asked questions about sex during pregnancy and will provide you answers for the same!

Q: Is sex during pregnancy safe?

Yep! It’s perfectly safe to have sex during pregnancy! If you’re having a normal pregnancy, you may even have sex until the last stages of your pregnancy. Of course, during certain situations when it is so required, your doctor is going to advise you against having sex, and you should listen to your doctor. But until the time that you feel comfortable, don’t deny yourselves the pleasure. 😉

Q: Does having sex while I’m pregnant harm the baby?

Not at all. Your baby is protected by the amniotic sac, which is a protective layer around the baby, your uterus muscles and a thick mucous layer, which acts as a seal around your cervix and also prevents any infections. Even better, the pen!s doesn’t go beyond your vag!na during sex, in any case.

Q: Can sex trigger labour?

That depends. In case you have a low-risk pregnancy, then there is a very small chance of labour being triggered. Having an 0rgasm or sexual stimulation cannot be the cause of a miscarriage or inducing labour. While you may have mild uterine contractions, caused by orgasms, nipple stimulation or prostaglandins in semen, these are short-lived and basically harmless.

Q: How does having sex during pregnancy feel?

Again, this isn’t a one-for-all answer. It depends on the people involved. Some women feel an increased sense of desire, while for some it might have reduced. There should be no problem as long as you are open with your partner and communicate your feelings. One of the reasons for your heightened sense of desire might be the increased blood flow to your pelvic area, which can cause an engorgement of your genitals. The vaginal discharge and moistness will only add to the pleasurable sensation. On the flip side, you might become uncomfortable with sex during this time because you might have a feeling of fullness or discomfort.

Your breasts are also definitely going to change. They might be enlarged, as they would be getting ready to feed the incoming baby. Your breasts might also become tender and sensitive, which may subside with time. Again, this is something you might or might not like, so be vocal about it and let your partner know!

Q: Is my pregnancy going to affect my partner’s sex drive?

Maybe, maybe not. Most partners have confessed that they still find their women as attractive as ever when they’re pregnant. However, there might be some reasons that partners are apprehensive about sex during your pregnancy – they don’t want to hurt you or the baby. Being honest and upfront with your partner is going to make things much easier for both of you. If you feel like there are/could be some complications, a joint doctor consultation might be the best bet for both of you.

Now that we’ve busted some burning questions for you, go get some sugar!

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