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7 Super Foods That Can Help You Reduce Stretch Marks After Childbirth

Stretch marks are like God’s gift to women because they look like thunderbolts. They’re like a sign of motherhood which is the most powerful role of a woman in her lifetime. Every mommy must fall in love with herself and accept her body the way it is.

After giving birth, a woman’s body undergoes drastic changes. One of the most common and visible changes observed in the body is the development of stretch marks in various parts of the body like the breasts, thighs, stomach and hips.

Application of a good moisturizer during pregnancy can definitely minimise the appearance of these stretch marks. Moreover, it is an effective way of protecting the skin and keeping it hydrated. But there’s this one thing you need to understand- IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO REMOVE STRETCH MARKS COMPLETELY!

There’s no way you can stop them from coming because, during pregnancy, your skin stretches a lot and it loses its elasticity which gives rise to multiple stretch marks. Although these marks are not painful at all, they can make you feel uneasy especially if they’re itchy. Don’t worry ladies, because we have got your back. We will be telling you the natural ways of reducing your stretch marks.

All you need to do is, include them in your daily diet and say bye bye to those rigid marks!

1. Orange:

This juicy citrus delight is rich in Vitamin C and it helps in maintaining the elasticity of the skin and it slows down the ageing process. It repairs the broken skin, therefore, it diminishes the visible stretch marks. Plus, an orange a day, keeps you smiling all day!


It is the best remedy for new moms who want to reduce their stretch marks. Milk contains vitamins, calcium, Vitamin E which together help in the production of collagen. This collagen is the one which will help in tightening your skin.

3. Dates

They are rich in iron which helps in increasing your haemoglobin levels in the body which promote the flow of blood in the skin cells. These dark delights will help in tightening your skin and lighten the stretch marks naturally.

4.Sweet potato

It is full of potassium, iron and magnesium which makes it a great remedy for dealing with stretch marks. They are also rich in beta-carotene which gets converted into Vitamin A and it is excellent for the skin.


They are a good source of multiple proteins and other fatty acids which help in maintaining smoothness, moisture in the skin cells and tightening pores. You can consume it any way you wish to- scramble it, boil it or make an omelette, it’s your choice.


They are rich in vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants which help in the production of collagen and elastin which are responsible for keeping the skin firm.


There’s nothing as marvellous as our good old water! This is probably the best and the easiest home remedy to treat stretch marks. It keeps your skin hydrated and improves the blood circulation.

Not just that, it helps you during your breastfeeding time as water helps in increasing the milk flow through the breasts.

Moisturizing will only help in protecting the skin from the outside whereas, eating thee nutri-rich foods will help your skin recover better from the inside too. If you’re a lactating mom, don’t forget to consume these as they’re beneficial for you and your baby too!

Always remember, you’re a wonderful mommy and stretch marks cannot define who you are. Just remember to moisturise your skin regularly and consume these superfoods every day.

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Various Types Of Vaginal Odour And What It Suggests About Your Health

We all know that vag!na has its own kind of smell and it changes when there is a slight change in the health condition. In fact, every vag!na has friendly bacteria which protect the pH balance and maintains vaginal hygiene. But, the smell depends on person to person. But, sometimes, your vag!na may tell you that your physical condition is not going well. These different types of odours can be the sign of your overall health conditions. Hence, we have come up with these various types of vaginal odour which will tell about your health. Have a look:

Yeasty odour:
The yeasty odour comes when your vag!na discharges which thick, cottage cheese-like discharge. This condition happens quite often with many women. Alongside, if you see the external vaginal wall becomes red and itchy, face difficulty in peeing, you need to consult your doctor. This may happen when the diabetic women tend to grow more glucose in their vaginal secretions.

Fishy odour:
The most probable reason for having a fishy odour to the vag!na is bacterial vaginosis. The pH balance of the vaginal skin becomes a wrack because of the bacteria. Bacterial vaginosis does not thrive any health issues until you take a good care of it and maintain the hygiene.

Musky odour:
If your vag!na is smelling musky, the reason can be you are wearing certainly uncomfortable or synthetic underwear. Other than that, exercise and non-breathable knickers can cause a musky smell to your vag!na. All you need to know is, just maintain more cleanliness and maintain a good hygiene.

Metalic odour:
Metalic smell generally comes from blood. During periods your vag!na’s pH balance becomes disrupted. So, the vag!na starts smelling like copper or tin. This metallic odour should go away once the blood is cleaned and your period ends. This is nothing like a serious problem.

Rotten odour:
This rotten odour is nothing but the smell of menstrual blood. Although, if you maintain a good hygiene, this smell does not bother you. But make sure you do not use the tampon or the pad for a long time. The growth of bacteria causes bad odour. Thus, you can avoid it by frequently changing your pad.

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Exercise you need to do if you sit all day to save your health

To eliminate the negative impact of sitting job, there are certain exercises. These exercises improve your posture and also strengthened back glutes and hamstring muscles. Moreover, these exercises help to offset the imbalances associated with long periods of sitting.

All day sitting job triggers many undesirable things to our body. The sitting all day also impact physically. If you sit for longer periods of time especially with poor, makes your hip flexors tight and affect the glute muscles. To eliminate the negative impact of sitting job, there are certain exercises. These exercises improve your posture and also strengthened back glutes and hamstring muscles. Moreover, these exercises help to offset the imbalances associated with long periods of sitting.

Let’s know which exercise helps to reduce the negative impact of sitting job.

Dead Bug

This exercise is very effective to stabilize the muscles of the core such as transverse abdominus. To practice this exercise, lie on your back with your arms raised at shoulder level. After this raise your legs like tabletop position. Following this, slowly extend your right leg out straight while simultaneously dropping your left arm overhead. After few seconds return to the start position and repeat with another side.


The planks are very beneficial to strengthen the core and improve pelvic orientation. To practice the planks, get on all fours with your toes on the ground shoulder-width apart. After this, place your forearms flat on the floor in front of you with your elbows directly below your shoulders. Keep your core tight so your body is in a straight line from head to toe. Squeeze your thighs and butt.

Single-Leg Bridges

The single-leg bridge exercise is very beneficial to strengthen glutes muscles. To practice this exercise, lie flat on your back. Bend your knees and place your feet away from your butt. Then lift your right leg in the air toward the roof, keeping your foot flexed. Push through your left foot to lift your glutes, hips, and back off the ground. Slowly lower back down, keeping your right leg in the air. Repeat for 12 reps, then switch legs.

Goblet Squats

This exercise effectively works the glutes, quads, hamstrings and core muscles. To practice this exercise, stand with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart while holding a kettlebell with both hands at your chest. After this bend your knees and squat.

Kettlebell Deadlifts

The kettlebell deadlift effectively works on the glute, hamstrings, core, lats and traps muscles. To practice this exercise, stand with a kettlebell on the floor between your legs. Keeping your back flat, bend slightly at the knees to pick up the kettlebell. Straighten your legs as you pull the kettlebell up to hip level, locking your hips out at the top. Slowly lower the kettlebell reversing the movement, then immediately repeat.

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11 Benefits of Sleeping Naked You May Not Be Aware Of

If you are not fond of stripping before you get under those bed covers, you have got it figured out wrong. Sleeping without your clothes on has numerous benefits your are unaware of. Many people find it embarrassing or at times impractical sleep naked at night. But this does not have to be the case at all. Here are some 10 fantastic reasons that would convince you to get some shut eye without any clothes on!

1. It’s Convenient As Hell

Isn’t shedding your clothes so much more easier than changing into a pair of pajamas? All you have to do is fling your clothes onto your nightstand (or wherever you usually fling them) and jump straight into bed. Yes, it is as easy as it sounds!

2. It Makes You Relaxed

Doesn’t the idea of sleeping without an irritating bra or a pair of constrictive boxer shorts sound tempting? Studies show that sleeping naked can make you feel more relaxed in bed- no underwear tags to irritate you, no drawstrings to get tangled in and no satin slips that keep sliding off your shoulders as you fall asleep.

3. It Increases Bathroom Breaks

This may sound like a disadvantage to you, but it’s not. People often tend to hold off their late night bathroom breaks as they are too lazy to get out of their beds. This can in turn put a lot of pressure on your urinary bladder, thus damaging it. Sleeping naked increases the urgency of your bathroom breaks, which can benefit you in the long run.

4. It Makes You More Efficient

It has been observed that people who change into their night clothes take longer than the ones who don’t when it comes to getting ready. Sleeping naked reduces helps you save a few minutes every day as your morning routine does not involve getting out of your pajamas. It also prompts you to get up faster in the morning as you tend to feel chilly without your clothes on.

5. It Improves Your Sex Life

What better way to tempt your partner than slipping into the bed naked? Sleeping naked can promote skin-to-skin contact, which can surprisingly boost your sex life and keep your partner happier. Heightened skin-to-skin contact can release plenty of oxytocin into your body, which would make you love your partner more.

6. It Regulates Your Cortisol

Cortisol is a chemical found in the body whose high concentration can cause you a lot of harm. Sleeping with your clothes on can warm up your body, causing cortisol levels to stay high, which could lead to junk food cravings, anxiety and obesity. Sleeping naked will keep your body cool, thus regulating the cortisol levels in your body.

7. It Keeps Your Skin Happy

Bedtime is when your body gets to breathe the most. Most of your body parts are restricted by multiple layers of clothes throughout the day, suffocating your skin. Sleeping without clothes on will give your skin a chance to unwind and breathe, keeping it healthy and happy.

8. It Balances Your Melatonin And Growth Hormones

Sleeping without any restrictions can increase the production of melatonin hormones that regulate our sleep and wake cycles. It can also promote the production of growth hormones, which can slow down aging and keep you healthier.

9. It Keeps Your Private Parts Healthy

Sleeping conditions that are cooler can help prevent yeast infections in women as yeast tends to grow in moist, warm environments. Similarly, sleeping naked can keep the testes stay cooler and sperm healthier.

10. It Helps You Stay Sane During Summers

Sleeping with your clothes on during summers, especially if it’s humid is pure torture. Why not cool things down a bit by taking a night shower and then slipping into bed without any clothes on? This will help you sleep better, without any sticky clothes to disturb you..

11. It makes you feel younger

In fact, it helps slow down your aging process significantly. When you sleep, you release the growth hormone, which is a natural anti-aging substance , and when your sleep is disrupted because of excessive warmth, then you process less of this hormone, and age faster.

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