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Different shapes of breasts that woman have. See your shape here

brea*st size differs from woman to woman. The different woman possesses different size and shape of the brea*st. However, it is extremely necessary for them to buy a bra that suits best to their respective shape.

When it comes to brea*st size, every woman has a different size. So, is the case with the shape of the brea*st. There are many shapes of the breasts which are acquired by women. Some might have complete round bulgy breasts, while others might have a sleek and flat front. It all depends upon your body type, figure and the type of bra you wear. Our innerwear plays an important role in determining the right shape of our breasts. Choosing a wrong bra for your brea*st shape might turn them into a weird one. Thus, it is essential that you opt for the right bra, according to your brea*st size and shape.

What are the different shapes of breasts that a woman can have?
According to the body type, different women have different brea*st size and shape. Thus, they should opt for a particular type of bra matching up to their breasts.

Asymmetric breasts: Many women encounter this problem of asymmetric brea*st shape. While their one side of the brea*st is heavier than the other. This actually becomes a bit problematic while choosing the right size of the bra. Sometimes, the difference in the shape and size is minute. However, in some cases, women have a huge difference in their two sides of the breasts.
Which bra suits best: One must opt for a bra which has removable pads attached to it. You can remove the pad of the bigger brea*st and wear on the one which is smaller.

Bell shape breasts: Bell shape breasts are the one which is more fuller at the bottom than the usual. They look bulky and heavy in appearance but are quite narrower from the top point.
Which bra suits best: Wear a proper and strong strapped full coverage bra. As the breasts are bulky and heavy they might pain your shoulder if party covered. Thus, choose the complete coverage bra.

An east-west shape of breasts: When the nipples point in the opposite direction from one another and are out towards the sides. Besides this, there is a gentle slope right from the top towards the bottom.
Which bra suits best: One must wear a t-shirt bra or a push-up bra to bring together both the ends. Such type of bra will help to bring the brea*st back to normal look.

Side set brea*st shape: There is a wide space between the two sides of the breasts. In the east-west shape of the bra, the nipples are not too far. However, in this side set brea*st shape, nipples are wide apart from each other.
Which bra suits best: One must switch to Balconette style of bra. In this bra, the cups are bulkier and have a huge amount of fabric onto them. This helps to hide the gap between the breasts.

Slender brea*st shape: This is quite an unusual style of breasts shape. In this shape, the breasts are wider at the top and a bit narrow from the bottom without much mass on the breasts.
Which bra suits best: Those who have the slender shape of the bra, should wear plunge style bra. This gives a shape to the cleavage which is quite hidden otherwise.

Teardrop brea*st shape: Such brea*st shape have a gentle slope which can be seen from the sides easily.
Which bra suits best: Ladies, with teardrop style of breasts, should wear plunge style bra. The bra should have a deep neckline which will help the cups to give a lift. When the breasts get a proper lift, the inappropriate shape fills in from the top.

Round shape of breasts: Women who have such shape of breasts are usually the lucky ones. However, this is rare. Round shape breasts are complete and full from top to bottom. Usually, the woman gets this only after a surgery.
Which bra suits best: Women who have round shape breasts, should wear Balconette style bra. This will give a chance to show off their best asset in an appropriate manner.


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How to Tighten Loose and Flabby Skin After Pregnancy

Below some tips to help you tighten up your tummy after pregnancy.

1. Exfoliating, Get an exfoliating scrub and scrub your belly with it each time you get in the shower. This helps to improve circulation and regenerate new, healthier, more elastic skin.

2. Drinking more water which will hydrate your skin, making it more elastic.

3. Use a lotion on your skin that contains collagen, as well as vitamins E, A, C, and K to help firm up loose skin.

4. Lose weight slowly because If you loose it too quickly, you may just end up with even more loose skin. It takes time to regain your skin elasticity