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5 House Chores You Should Absolutely Avoid While Pregnant

Strong pregnant women can still do most of the chores they did while not pregnant. However women have been advised to desist from the following tasks and chores in the house during the period they are pregnant.

1. Bathroom Cleaning

We all know that cleaning of bathroom involves a lot of chemicals. Pregnant ladies aren’t supposed to inhale toxic chemicals. Your basic rule while being pregnant should be – “If something smells harsh, avoid it”. Delegate the work to someone else and in case you decide to clean the bathroom, make your own cleaners using ingredients like lemon juice, white vinegar, and baking soda. Some essential oils used as fresheners in the bathroom could also be bad for the health of the expecting moms.

2. Vacuum Cleaning And Mopping

Given a choice – would you just relax and enjoy your pregnancy or suffer painful sciatica after mopping and cleaning the house? We hear your answers! Yes, painful sciatica would be the result of vacuum cleaning and mopping when you are pregnant. It aggravates the back pain. Activities which require you to bend forward worsens lower back pain. Sciatica is very common during pregnancy because of the weight gain. So forget about cleaning your carpet or mopping the kitchen floor when you are pregnant. Delegate the work to someone else and all you pregnant ladies just relax!

3. Laundry Work

Chances of premature labor or high blood pressure are the result of laundry job. Dreadful laundry job can wait for you after delivery (yes, it is never gonna end). For now, while you are pregnant, get this chore done by others. Bending and picking up laundry baskets and buckets will only strain your back. If you have older kids, ask them to help you in picking up clothes and hanging it out. They would be happy to help you for sure.

4. Lifting Heavy Weights

Avoid carrying heavy weights. Your healthcare provider would have given you the recommendations on how much weight is safe to carry. As your baby bump grows, it puts added pressure on your back. Carrying extra weight would only strain or worsen your back. Be cautious while carrying the heavy load. Always squat to pick up things from the floor and do not bend forward.

5. Cleaning Ceiling Fans And Hanging Curtains

You might have experienced the change in your gait by now. Pregnant women experience a change in their center of gravity. This makes you prone to dangerous falls, especially if you climb up high. Never climb on ladders to clean the ceiling fans or hang curtains. Avoid the risk of falling by giving this chore to somebody else in the house or simply hire help.

Who would have known a simple household chore could put you and your growing baby in trouble? It is best to delegate the chores to others. Don’t go on an overdrive about cleanliness and it is absolutely okay to ask for help on household chores during pregnancy.

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What You Need to Know About Pregnancy and Running

pregnancy and running, what you should know

Keeping fit while pregnant is very important still we all are skeptical about our safety and that of the baby we carry. Some key answers about pregnancy and running and how helpful it can be, as well as information to dispel what you may have been told before.

If you were the exercising type should you keep running when you become pregnant?  Should you start running to keep fit as a pregnant, expectant mom?

How Do Pregnancy and Running Correlate?

Exercise throughout your period of pregnancy has been recommended by the American

College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). Running and a bit of exercising will the risk of gestational diabetes, preterm birth, preeclampsia (pregnancy-induced high blood pressure), having a high birth weight baby, and the need for a cesarean section.

Will Running Induce Labour?

Contrary to some beliefs running will not put you into labour. What running will do, however, is to help you get through with childbirth faster.  “Women who exercise [during pregnancy] have easier, faster labors, they feel better postpartum, and their recovery is much quicker,” says Erin Dawson, an OB/GYN and runner in Maine.

Can I start running during pregnancy even if I never ran before?

If you were not a runner before it can be difficult starting when you are pregnant. But not impossible. Dawson recommends starting with strength building and getting cardio from the elliptical or stair climber first.

Can Running be Risky for My Pregnancy?

Running in itself is not risky for your pregnancy but if complications arise in your pregnancy it can be risky. Be sure to seek the advice of your Gynecologist/Obstetrician.

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