PREORDER: Silicone Squeeze Spoon Feeding Bottle


Silicone Squeeze Bottle Spoon – Baby Feeding

Designed for ages 4 months and up, this all-in-one spoon feeder makes it a lot quicker and easier to feed a fussy baby. Baby feeding squeeze bottle spoon is made of food-grade silicone material, BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and PVC-free.

Available colors are blue, pink, and white.


  • Before the initial use and after each use, wash thoroughly with water, dry it in a cool ventilated place.
  • Don’t boil the disinfectant for more than three minutes, it may lead to deformation.
  • Only filled with liquid food and pureed food, not solid food and big food. Because if the food is too big, it would block the feeding hole.

Preorders: Allow 2-5 weeks for items to arrive store after that it will take 3-10 days to reach your destination.



This silicone spoon feeding bottle can be used for feeding baby water, milk, medicine, rice cereal, juice, puree, soup, and other liquid food. It is made of the food-grade silicone material, FDA approved Silicone, BPA Free. Soft and comfortable, does not hurt the baby’s delicate gums.

With an ergonomic shape, it is easy to squeeze, down to the last bite. Simply fill the soft silicone bottle with your baby rice or puree and gently squeeze until the desired amount of food collects on to the spoon to feed baby, convenient one hand feeding, help make feeding time more easier and less messy.

The feeding bottle for babies is safe, convenient, portable, hygienic, heat resistant (resistant to high temperature up to 120 degrees Celsius). Squeezable silicone bottle with scale ensures accurate measurement, reducing spillage.


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