Sex Positions to Avoid During Pregnancy

Sex positions to avoid during pregnancy

A pregnant woman needs to be very careful even as the pregnancy protrudes. Careful attention needs to be placed on her walks, diet, exercise, and even sex. Am I sure you know a pregnant woman can have sex? Do you even know that there are some sex positions to avoid during pregnancy?

I’m not saying it is bad to be horny. In short, sex has a lot of benefits for a pregnant woman. It is good when you satisfy your sex need even during pregnancy. Who will like to hold the body all through the nine months? Enjoy your pregnancy and sex, but take the necessary precautions.

To every advantage, there lies a disadvantage. But in this case, there will be no disadvantage if you know what you ought to know. As long as the sex is safe and comfortable, it is good to go area.

What you need to know about sex positions during pregnancy

During pregnancy, not all sex positions are safe. No matter how you and your partner love sex, these positions should be known. At least when you are not ignorant of it, you will be careful and guide against any error that may want to occur.

The belly shape and position need to be put into consideration when planning sex in this condition. The sex positions you will practice will also be dependent on the pregnancy trimester you are in. Once you consult your doctor and are free to have sex during pregnancy, you will only need to stick to the positions recommended.

In pregnancy sex, you need to stick to positions that keep weight and pressure off the belly. Remember, when you protect the stomach well, you are protecting the child as well. This will, at the same time, make pregnancy sex comfortable for you and your partner.

Any position that will keep you off your back is recommended. Therefore lying with your back during pregnancy, sex is prohibited. It is to prevent potential blood flow compression, which can activate unplanned issues.

What are the sex positions to avoid during pregnancy? 

In each trimester, some sex positions are favorable. In some, the reverse is the case because the child is growing, and the belly size is increasing. Apparently, in the first trimester, all sex positions are safe. It is still the early period of pregnancy, and no much body development has occurred. As the trimesters proceed, you need to take precautions. Therefore, it is advisable not to try any position that might bring the slightest discomfort to you and the child.

Some of these sex positions to avoid during pregnancy include (but not limited to):

1. Missionary position. 

It is one of the most prevalent sex methods for all. But when pregnancy sets in, this position needs to be avoided. Protecting the baby is the most paramount thing you should have in mind and not just your pleasure satisfaction.

In this sex position, the pregnant woman is at the bottom while the partner is on top. It is not a good idea because it compresses blood flow from the mother to the baby. Lying on your back puts much pressure on the aorta as a result of the enlarged uterus. The aorta is the blood vessel that takes blood to the placenta. A missionary position may block or damage the aorta, which can then result in low blood pressure.

Usually, once you hit the second trimester of pregnancy (around the twentieth week), any sex position on your back becomes a no go area. Any other sex method is advisable but not the missionary method.

2. Prone position. 

It is when you lie flat on the stomach while having sex. This position is usually not too comfortable because the pressure is put on the belly and the baby simultaneously.

3. Acrobatic sex. 

Whether it is in the first or late trimester, you should avoid extremely acrobatic sex. Try to keep it simple while playing it safe.

4. Anal sex. 

In the third trimester, which is a critical stage of the pregnancy, some women suffer from hemorrhoids during this stage. Therefore, you should avoid any sex position that involves the least contact with the belly. Also, you should stay away from anal sex because it can be extremely painful. The reason is that it poses a lot of risk to health, resulting in organ rupturing and bleeding. Also, in anal sex, the risk of getting infected is high, mainly if the germs spread to the vagina.

5. Oral sex. 

When you practice oral sex, do not blow air inside the vagina. This prevents the easy flow of blood and may lead to blood clotting. Try as much as possible to maintain proper hygiene during oral sex.

When do you need to avoid sex and see a doctor?

If you are experiencing or have experienced one of the following conditions, please avoid sex.

  • Pain
  • Leakage in the amniotic sac
  • Presence of more than one baby in the womb
  • Bleeding or spotting
  • Premature labor
  • Shortness of breath
  • If you suffered or suffering from medical conditions
  • Cervical incompetence or
  • Other physical issues

Precautionary measures

Before you start having sex during pregnancy, it is advisable to consult a gynecologist. It is an appropriate way of keeping safe and knowing if no complications are present. It will also allow you to know if pregnancy sex is safe for you.

Also, you are encouraged to use condoms to avoid infections that might pose risks to you or your baby. Extreme or rough sex is also a no go area. It is necessary not to put much pressure on the belly or try any acrobatic positions. In the first trimester, it is good to try safe sex positions for a sex free experience and more satisfaction.

Asides the listed sex positions to avoid or the conditions that may pose a risk to your health, there is nothing much that can harm your baby if you have sex during pregnancy. Once you can stick to the necessary safety measures, keep enjoying sex as long as you can, even throughout your nine-month period.

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