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The Secrets of Having Beautiful Babies That Will Shock You!

Have you ever wondered how some couples get beautiful babies and others don’t? Or Why some couples get beautiful babies even when they are not ‘beautiful’. I have seen ugly couples (Note: beauty is in the eye of the beholder) begat very pretty babies, so I began to research, what is the secret?

Take note! Beauty is hereditary, beautiful couples or ‘ugly’ (not so pretty) couples with a beautiful grand parent have higher likelihood of giving birth to beautiful babies. However, there are ways to get beautiful babies naturally without being very pretty or having beautiful ancestors. I will show you these proven ways in this article, continue below


We all appreciate beautiful things. Looking at beautiful pictures, watching or reviewing wonderful scenes when pregnant will infulence the countenance and looks of the baby inside your womb and make him or her delightful.
So from the moment you become pregnant make it a habit to start watching beautiful pictures or things and enjoy it as well.

There is a story of a woman who always pasted pictures of beautiful models at strategic positions in her apartment, where she’s always looking at them and it has been working for her. One of her neighbours (who you can say she is ugly) affirmed this by testing it. The outcome was great as they began creating excellent children. We are not advising you start pasting beautiful pictures all over your apartment, just try an appreciate good and beautiful things.

The more you see beauty, the more beautiful you become.

Why should I be doing this?
The purpose for this is basic; as a child is shaping, whatever the mother sees reflects him or her. There is an old myth amongst the Igbo tribe (a tribe in the eastern part of Nigeria), they don’t allow their pregnant ladies to see masquerades nor go for masquerade celebration (The Masquerades are usually very ugly).

NOTE: While doing this, don’t get yourself worked up or stressed up as it might affect the health of your baby. Have time for your baby and relax.

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