Kids Smart Watch

Kids Smart Watch.

Connect with your kids, monitor their safety, voice chat, emergency help all in a single smart watch.

Have you thought of buying a device for your Kid? Our smart watch is a perfect device/gift for your kid. With the increasing technology usage in the world, it is important to introduce your kids to technology in the right way. Our smart watch will help you stay in touch with your kids through voice chat, you can also monitor their location for their safety.


This watch normally should go for N20,000 but we won\’t charge you that much. For a limited time only you can get this watch for N12,000

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Features of the Kids Smart Watch

Voice Chat

One to one chat, group chat. Chat with your kids freely and conveniently no matter their location. You can check up on them to be sure they are okay.

SOS Emergency Help

When your kid encounters a problem or emergency situation, an SOS emergency one button can be pressed and the watch will send a distress signal to the family number. This can help you respond quickly to prevent or minimize harm.

Location Tracking

When your child goes out to play, upload the location information in real time. Parents can check anytime to see where their kid is.


This smart watch is waterproof. It can be worn in the rain and while swimming. You do not have to worry about the watch spoiling.

Remote Photography

When your child is away, you can take a photo by remote photography from your phone to see the environment near your child.

Alarm Clock

Set the alarm clock in the watch to remind your child to get up on time for school or finish homework.

Order this watch now for N20,000 N15,000 N12,000 Naira


See what our customers are saying about this watch

This is a fantastic gift for my boy because he isn\’t so much into toys. He loves it. We took some pictures together and connected the watch to a laptop then downloaded the photos. I was also able to do a voice call which was pretty clear.
Great watch got for my 7 year old daughter, she loves it. Lots of stuff to do. The camera is not bad. I\’ll be getting more for my other children soon.

Bought this watch as a gift for my 6 year old daughter. I was worried she might not like it, but she never takes it off. And i love that it\’s waterproof because the watch fell into the pool but nothing happened and it\’s still working well.

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