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50 Positive Phrases that Motivate Kids to Do the Right Thing 

Here are a few great motivational quotes for kids when they feel too vulnerable or depressed about something.

50 Short Prayers to Teach Your Child

Teach them to appreciate the power of prayer to draw them close to God and to bring about change in the world.

How to Control Your Child’s Anger

Children go through many phases in life as maturity and developments creep in. Angry emotions occur as part of this developing phase, and dealing with this...

My Husband Wouldn’t Do Baby’s Dishes But Have Time for His...

Wife lashes out at her husband for not helping out with baby's dishes even though he has the time to record a whole album. She complains...

Ways to teach your child to care about others who have...

I have come to realize that children are always kind-hearted. They are considerate when it comes to sharing what they have with others. This allows some...

How to handle criticism of your parenting from other moms

Whether you do good or bad, you will still be criticized. No matter your choice of raising your child, you will hear about it. Should we...

When to start disciplining kids

You start disciplining your child right from when he can differentiate the left hand from the right side. It begins at an early age. A child...

How to be your child’s best friend

The relationship between a mother and child is invaluable. The bonds that exist right from the womb continue to increase even after birth. Just like every...

How to Nurture Your Baby During the First Twelve Months

"I believe in love at first sight…because I'm a mom. " Babies are a wonder to behold, especially if you are one who...

How to manage Kids Mental Health and Sexuality Curiosity

Parents, especially mothers, are bound to face a lot of challenges as they raise their children. A lot of kids have sexuality curiosity and mental health...

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