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9 Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before You Miss Your Periods

Do you have any plans for the baby since a long time and now seems to be waiting eagerly to see the typical sign of your missed period confirming about your pregnancy. Well, maybe you really don’t want to wait for long. Often, it happens the answer is just in front of you and still you are searching to understand each sign.

We are sharing this article to let you know the pregnancy symptoms before the missed period:


Hormonal Changes

After getting pregnant, you might experience some varied changes as your body is all set to accept what is coming your way. The basic thing that you should understand is while your body is going through menses and is guided by the fluctuating levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones. Your progesterone level rises once you get pregnant and thereby, stopping the normal process of menstrual bleeding. This will allow the body to start preparing for the baby and with the passage of time, it signifies for an embryo’s existence.



Many women would misinterpret vomiting for having spoiled food or improper sleep. This symptom, generally referred to as morning sickness, is very commonly found with a pregnant woman. It basically happens due to increase in the body’s hormonal levels resulting in slowing down your digestion. Do not ignore the symptoms and consult a doctor for this, and keep yourself far off from pills. Many women face this till last time of delivery.


Milky White Discharge

As your pubic area walls thicken and there is an increase in the cell’s growth from inside upon conception, a milky white discharge can be noticed down there. No need to worry, as it is normal and will occur throughout pregnancy.

Tender Breasts

Your mammary glands are as designed as to feed the baby with all the nutrients. If you are feeling sensitive to any touch to your brea*st, or they become tender and sore, it is due to the hormonal changes which show you are pregnant. You might feel your breasts to be growing in size as you reach motherhood.


You can get cramps in the pelvic area which are light and similar to the periodic cramps. Do not get confused with both, as both are not alike.

Frequent Urination

Due to the expansion of uterus wall to let the baby develop and grow, it gives less space to store urine and puts pressure on the urinary bladder. This is a sure sign of conceiving, almost 90%, even while having less water intake.



You will experience many upcoming changes while your body is preparing itself for pregnancy. Your body gets tired easily and fatigued due to rise in progesterone level. You should take proper rest and care of your health and consult a doctor if required as the first weeks of pregnancy are very critical.



Most women experience constipation due to the slower movement of food in the body causing discomfort.



You will be suddenly triggered towards having a different taste for sweet and sour food. Sometimes, you can have strong cravings that wake you up in the middle of night or you are hungry.

Do not keep this question with yourself only about your pregnancy. Just wait for at least ten to twelve days after you feel that you conceived. Then, go for home kit pregnancy test to maybe get the good news you have been waiting for.