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Pregnancy Symptoms for a Baby Girl or Boy

Girl or boy, we are sometimes anxious to know. While for some women, they love surprises, and the reverse is the case for others. Whether a baby girl or boy, they are all children. But it won\’t be a bad idea to know the sex of the baby before childbirth.

Be fully aware that men are in total control of the sex of a child. Science had it that a man has two different sex chromosomes, male and female. The one that fertilizes the woman will determine the gender of the child. For the woman, she produces just one kind of sex chromosome, which is usually a determinant for a female child.

Therefore, a woman has only sex chromosomes that will produce a female child only while a man has sex chromosomes that will determine a male or a female. Although, the man has no say on which of the chromosomes that will fertilize during sexual intercourse, so it\’s a game of chance.

There are several sex prediction tests and theories that claim to be true in the olden days and till now. Among those theories are scan-based, emotional signs, old charts, telltale body signs, home tests, and old wives\’ tales.

Ways to determine a baby\’s sex

Although the baby\’s sex is already set right from the beginning, you will need to wait for a little to verify it thoroughly. Some of the ways to find out the sex of the baby earlier include:

1. Free cell DNA blood test like a panorama. A blood test can be conducted nine weeks into your pregnancy. The result is revealed after a week. It can show the baby\’s sex because the traces of your baby\’s DNA is present in your blood.

2. Ultrasound. An ultrasound is performed between 18-20 weeks of the pregnancy. The sex of the baby can be determined through this means. A scan shows where the baby\’s genitals are and carefully examined for sex predictions.

3. Amniocentesis. It can be done between the 16-20 weeks of pregnancy. It tests the amniotic fluid. They determine the sex of the baby as well as other genetic conditions. But it can cause miscarriage in pregnancy.

4. Chorionic villus sampling. It is used to test the placenta. It can be done between the eleventh to the thirteenth week of pregnancy to determine the baby\’s sex.

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Some of the pregnancy symptoms for a baby girl or baby boy 

There are many signs, either scientific or traditional, that predict the sex of a baby. Some of these have been proven correct. They include:

  1. Severe morning sickness. It is believed that morning sickness varies in women, and from pregnancy to pregnancy. The severity of morning sickness can be a clue to the baby sex. If it\’s a female child, the morning sickness will be much. This occurs as a result of high levels of the hormone. If it\’s a boy, the sickness will be minimal.
  2. Skin condition. Hormones\’ behavior differs from women to women. Some believed that a baby girl would steal the mother\’s beauty alongside oily skin while a male child won\’t even give the mother acne. Concerning hair growth as well, some believed that a boy would give the mother longer and lustrous hair. While with a girl child, the hair will be limp and dull.
  3. Cravings.  There are various changes in nutritional needs that accomplish pregnancy. It differs in both sexes. Some believe that cravings for sweets and chocolate are likened to a female child. Craving for salty and savory food is less to be a male child.
  4. Heart rate. Some revealed a significant difference in the heartbeat of a baby, which can be used to determine gender. The proposed fact is that, if the pulse is below 140, then it\’s a male child. If it\’s over 140, then it\’s a female child.
  5. Bodyweight. It has an impact on the belly as well. If you weigh low, it might be a baby boy and. If you weigh high, then it might be a baby girl. In short, the gain of weight around the middle belly during pregnancy might symbolize a girl child. While gaining more in the front of the body signifies a male child.
  6. Mood swings. It occurs as a result of hormonal changes in pregnancy. Hormonal changes rise during pregnancy and fall after childbirth. Some believed that extreme mood swings and a higher level of estrogen signify a female child.
  7. Carrying the baby high. It is found to be a repeated sign of having a baby girl. A male child will hang down at the bottom.
  8. Stress level. Studies revealed that stress levels affect the sex of a baby. There exist a relationship between stress hormone cortisol and the gender of a baby. Statistically, it is found that women with a high level of cortisol are more likely to have a girl child.

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Other pregnancy symptoms:

  • Big appetite. A pregnant woman consumes more when she carries a male child.
  • The spinning of the wedding ring. When you tie your wedding ring to a piece of string and place it in front of your belly, if it moves forward and backward, it\’s a male child. If it moves in a circular direction, then it\’s a female child.
  • Chinese birth chart. It is an ancient Chinese document that requires the Chinese age of the mother and the Chinese month of conception. It will be used to determine the gender of the child.
  • Best foot forward. It was predicted that those who walk with their right foot are expecting a baby boy.
  • Urine color. The color of the urine can determine the sex of the baby. If your urine color is bright yellow, then it could be a baby girl. If it is a duller hue, it can indicate a baby boy.
  • Cold feet. If you always have cold feet during pregnancy, it could be a sign that you are carrying a baby boy.
  • Birth. The most certain of all is to wait until the baby is popped out. Then you can fully be sure of the sex of the baby.

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