baby girl names from bible

Naming a child is an exciting and often stressful time for soon-to-be-parents. A name is a source of pride for both the child and her parents, so it should feel really special–because it is. While some people choose names that come from areas like history, travels, hometowns, books, most people chose a name because their Christian faith inspires them.

Here are a few beautiful names from the Bible that we think Mama and Baby Girl will love forever and ever.

1. Eve

2. Grace

3. Esther

4. Elizabeth

5. Mary

6. Martha

7. Abigail

8. Sarah

9. Bethany

10. Chloe

11. Deborah

12. Diana

13. Rachel

14. Myra

15. Joanna

16. Naomi

17. Julia

18. Eunice

19. Rebecca

20. Hannah

21. Anna

22. Priscilla

23. Adah

24. Lydia

25. Delight

26. Gabriella

27. Hope

28. Mercy

29. Myra

30. Oprah

31. Phoebe

32. Ruby

33. Rose

34. Faith

35. Bridget

36. Daniela

37. Helena

38. Leah

39. Olivia

40. Bethel

41. Sophia

42. Monica

43. Susanna

44. Candace

45. Claudia

46. Sharon

47. Micah

48. Edna

49. Beth

50. Celia

Expectant parents are fond of looking just about anywhere for baby name inspiration, but whether the parents are religious or not, a great place to seek inspiration for your girl\’s name is the Bible.

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