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50 Lovely Unisex Names for Babies

A unisex baby name is considered a name that can be used for both boys and girls. These days it’s very common to use masculine names for girls. Unisex baby names work well for both gender (even if they seem a bit non-traditional).

Why are Baby names so important?

A baby’s name is so crucial because it’s what your child will be known throughout their entire life unless they choose to change it in the future. Choosing the perfect baby name is important because it has a lot of value and can be an early sign of your personality. So, always take into consideration the meanings behind your child’s name.

Unisex names are so common in today’s world and are actually trending right now! So, here are some unique, beautiful unisex names for our bundles of joy;

1. Alex

2. Angel

3. Andy

4. Zion

5. Sam

6. Melody

7. Faith

8. Kelly

9. Jordan

10. Justice

11. Micah

12. Payton

13. Aubrey

14. Praise

15. Marquise

16. Morgan

17. Paris

18. Culture

19. Dominique

20. Freedom

21. Riley

22. Gift

23. Avis

24. Divine

25. Love

26. Miracle

27. Royalty

28. Peace

29. Skylar

30. Zaire

31. Elliot

32. Kyle

33. Ashley

34. Chris

35. James

36. Jamie

37. Drew

38. Charlie

39. Logan

40. August

41. Bay

42. Carter

43. Shiloh

44. Taylor

45. Noel

46. Merit

47. Robin

48. Shawn

49. Archer

50. Jackie

Choosing a name can be an intense task. Not only do you and your partner have to agree on a name, but there may also be other attributes that you want to use in a name. When picking a name for your child, keep in mind that this name will be stuck with them for the rest of their life.

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