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How to Make Your Baby’s First Christmas Special

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From developmental milestones like smiling, babbling, or crawling, through first memories and holidays, the first 12 months of your baby\’s life are full of first of all of these. Although your little one isn\’t going to fully understand who Santa is or why there\’s so much excitement, that doesn\’t mean that you shouldn\’t be ecstatic; your baby\’s first Christmas is as important to them as it is to you. 

Here are a few fun ways to celebrate your baby first Christmas: 

Have a Plan for a Holiday Game 

These questions have been an issue of debate between most couples: \’Are we spending Christmas with your family or mine? What about New Year\’s and Thanksgiving? It is often difficult to decide how the holiday will go, but adding a baby to the mix takes things up another level. Decide several weeks in advance to prevent hurt feelings, then make your decision known to both sides of the family. 

Set up a Wish List 

After all, baby Christmas gifts should have your full endorsement; you\’re the one who\’ll look at them, wash them, and store them. Try setting up and submitting an online wish list to grandparents, friends, and others who wish to give the baby a Christmas gift. 

Immortalize a footprint or handprint 

Baby hands and feet are so cute and are the ideal holiday art decoration. Make a salt dough decoration out of their cute little hands or feet (you only need flour, salt, and water) or create a masterpiece of painting. Either way, you can hang this piece on the tree or above the mantle every year and be fascinated at how small your child once was.

Keep track of your baby\’s height 

Using a piece of string or ribbon, measure your child\’s height (we recommend colors that go well with the festive season, such as red, gold, or green). Compare the first Christmas measurement to the current height of your child and show them how much they have grown. Attach a tag commemorating the date and each year.

Start a whole new tradition with your baby 

Create an entirely new tradition for your Baby\’s first Christmas this year. Don\’t worry about doing something big; small, simple gestures can be just as significant. Your baby will not just participate yet, but you will begin with the leading by example concept. Here are some Christmas tradition suggestions we think you might like; wearing matching pajamas on Christmas eve, discard or give out old toys or getting a new baby Christmas gift that symbolizes your baby\’s age. 

Get something cozy and soft 

This is a perfect idea for a baby Christmas gift. The tag of the game at Christmas time is warm and snuggly. Whether you have the time to make a memorable holiday blanket that you can carry out every year or have a family member who is handy with knitting needles, you will find loads of knitted blankets and quilts in any local store or at local craft shows if you\’re not so crafty. 

Capture a \”one-time\” image

Opt for the kind of image you can only achieve with a baby. Maybe you put your newborn baby in a wrapped gift box with a big bow on their back or put them under the tree sleeping in a cozy basket or make them jump in their Jolly Jumper wearing a Santa hat happily. 

Hang baby customized stockings 

The littlest babes will always not be able to empty their stockings, but this is another way to set off a memorable 25th December experience. For stockings, many shops offer customization where they can embroider a name across the top, or you will find socks where the name of your child becomes the pattern written right on the fabric.

Do it Yourself holiday card 

Maybe you want Christmas cards that show off your lovely babe, and we think you\’re supposed to go for it! Stick them in front of a holiday setting (like a group of poinsettias) or lay them down on some holiday gift wrap if they are too little to play. Upload your photo to a website that produces holiday cards until you\’ve taken the perfect shot. Cool Yeah? Easy Peasy! 

Boost your baby\’s sense 

Through their senses, let your baby feel the holidays. Let them touch and smell a clip from the Christmas tree. Excite their eyes with tree lights or decorations that are sparkly. Get some bells jingle and let them listen to holiday songs. And if your baby is old enough, give them some amazing holiday foods to taste. They\’ll love the novelty of it all, and you\’ll love to see the first Christmas of your baby come to life! 


Your baby\’s first Christmas experience solely depends on you. They need you to make the experience a memorable one; some of these points above are an excellent way to start. Ensure you make a great start plan, and always make room for more additions. Remember, your baby is new to this season; make it worth their while. Enjoy your baby\’s Christmas

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