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50 Matching Twin Girl and Boy Names

Twin baby names

If you’re expecting twins, you know your life is about to be filled with everything coming in pairs. Two bassinets, two cribs, two wardrobes, and of course, two beautiful baby names! You may want to choose your twin baby names by style—modern or traditional—or by letter, or even those with a historical or pop culture origin.
So we’ve rounded up our favorites below that cover all of the bases!

  1. Nicholas and Noah
  2. Jacob and Justin
  3. Peter and Paul
  4. Noah and Adam
  5. George and Oliver
  6. Sebastian and Samuel
  7. Benjamin and Nathaniel
  8. Mark and Luke
  9. Vanessa and Violet
  10. Beatrice and Bridget
  11. Isaac and Isaiah
  12. Scarlett and Stella
  13. James and John
  14. Thomas and Henry
  15. Anna and Nora
  16. Alice and Claire
  17. Noah and Henry
  18. Daniel and Michael
  19. Samuel and George
  20. Ava and Anna
  21. Charlotte and Chloe
  22. Jacob and James
  23. Max and Alex
  24. Zara and Nicole
  25. Elijah and Ezra
  26. Kyle and Kevin
  27. Allison and Madison
  28. Hannah and Sarah
  29. Carolin and Josefin
  30. Emily and Emma
  31. Nora and Cleo
  32. Stella and Savannah
  33. Ava and Ella
  34. Alice and Margaret
  35. Jacob and Joshua
  36. Elisha and Elizabeth
  37. Grace and Praise
  38. Luke and Levi
  39. Anabel and Isabel
  40. David and Daniel
  41. Morgan and Meredith
  42. Matthew and Michael
  43. Loretta and Barbara
  44. Nora and Scarlett
  45. Elsa and Ellen
  46. Julianna and Paulina
  47. Amelia and Annabelle
  48. Laura and Layla
  49. John and Jonathan
  50. Robert and Benson

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Picking names that your kids will be stuck with for the rest of their life comes with a lot of pressure — and when you realize you’re expecting twins and have to decide on two names that complement each other, things become even twice as hard. We know you’ve already got a lot on your plate right now, and that is why we’ve done our best to make the name-picking process very easy for you.

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