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Hair Care Tips for Your Baby

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How do you feel when you see so much hair like a black forest on a newborn’s hair? For me, it made me feel super proud of myself to see my babies with such beautiful dark hair, but I didn’t have an idea about caring for my baby’s hair. For babies, hair is more than aesthetics. The hair on a baby’s hair also serves as a covering for the scalp. Not every baby is born with full hair on the scalp. Some are born almost bald with only a little amount of hair on their head. Genetics and exposure to hormones are responsible for the texture and amount of hair your baby is born with.

Whether the hair is full or scanty, there are ways to help take care of and maintain your baby’s hair.

How to care for your baby’s hair
  1. Get a suitable shampoo and conditioner made for babies to wash your baby’s hair regularly. You should get organic products to prevent rashes from an adverse reaction.
  2. Whether your baby has full curly hair or scanty straight hair, shampoo the hair.
  3. Gently dry your baby’s hair with a soft towel
  4. Apply coconut oil, shea butter, or baby oil to the scalp and massage it.
  5. As your baby grows older, you can apply hair growth oil, leave-in conditioner, and other healthy hair products.
  6. Gently comb or brush the hair.
When to use a comb and when to use a brush
  1. Use a fine-toothed brush for a baby with scanty or almost bald hair. This can have a soothing feeling on the scalp.
  2.  Babies with full or plenty of hair needs comb for their hair.
  3. Only comb or brush the hair after oiling.
What should you not do to your baby’s hair?
  1. Your baby’s shampoo and hair conditioner should not contain sulfate because sulfate in shampoos and hair conditioners dry out the scalp.
  2. Do not use olive oil to moisturize your little one’s hair. It can lead to cradle cap and flaking. I had to learn this from my son. After he developed cradle, which I did not know what it was at the time, I went researching, and one of the implicated items was the use of olive oil on the hair.
  3. Don’t just pick any comb and use it on your baby’s hair. Understand the hair texture and find the right comb, so that combing hair time does not become a miserable time.
  4. There are several hair treatments in the market; understudy them before using them on your baby.
  5. Do not use adult hair products for your baby. Your baby absorbs substances on any part of the skin into the liver. The substances in adult products are usually too strong for the baby’s liver and kidney to handle.
  6. If cradle cap is present on your baby’s hair, do not disturb the scalp by excessive combing. Because cradle cap is nothing to worry about.

Taking care of your baby’s hair shouldn\’t be so much of a hassle. With the right hair products, your baby’s hair will grow fine. Remember to always keep the hair moisturized.

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