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Creative Kids Birthday Party Ideas for Moms

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We all know that a party comprises of people, colorful decorations, and yummies to feed on. Kid parties, especially birthdays, can be more elaborate in setting up. A lot of things need to be put in place to achieve an eventful party for kids.

Kids\’ birthday party needs to be creative to make it interesting for them. You need to transform the event venue into a playful and fantasy world. Kids love to have fun at parties, and parents ensure that they go extra miles to grant this need. They even rent bouncing horses or ponies.

Whether you are broke or not, a kid will not understand. All they know and want is to have fun at its fullest at a party. As a mother, it is left for you to know how to plan. How then can you design a creative birthday party for your kid without breaking the bank?

Factors to consider when planning kids birthday party 

The main target of every party is to have fun. You must also bear in mind that cost is a necessity, and that is what you need to work on. You won\’t want to plan a birthday party and end up spending all your savings and, in the end, going broke. You need to stay calm and survey things to put in order creatively. What are those things to be considered?

  1. Have a budget. It is the most important of all. Once you can figure out the exact amount to spend on your kid\’s birthday party, you will work towards it. You can decide how much to spend on decorations, food, drinks, and the rest. This will allow you to minimize spending and cut off unnecessary expenses. No matter your budget, you can still have a fun birthday party for your kid. It will now depend on your creativity towards the planning process.
  2. Be very careful when selecting the birthday theme. You don\’t need to go overboard on this. Remember that the kind of theme you choose will contribute to the cost of the party. Kids are not too bothered about details for now. Once the party is colorful with several toys, all they care about is to have fun with their friends. The theme doesn\’t need to be included in the decorations if it will cost you more. It can be included in the cakes or invitations you send, which is very OK. If you want a specific theme decoration, you can create one yourself. You can come up with something, be it a specific or funny belt or hat which all the kids will wear. They will surely enjoy themselves and noticing that they all have something in common. They will make fun out of that.
  3. Serve junks and not meal. It will depend on the time the birthday party is fixed. If it\’s in the evening, people won\’t expect food. But if it\’s in the early afternoon, they will expect food. When you don\’t serve meals, you reduce cost and cleaning stress. You can make drinks, sweets, chocolates, biscuits, or snacks available instead. It will save you a lot of expenses.
  4. Reduce the guest\’s number. Too many guests equal to more expenses. But that might not be the case in most kids\’ birthday parties. There are times that when you invite more guests, your kids will have more gifts to receive. But you cannot predict or be too sure about this. The saving grace is to limit your guests\’ number. This will allow you to plan well for those that are coming and save some cash. Be it house party or outside your homes like the cinema, parks, or beach, reduced guests enable you to monitor and cater well for those present adequately.
  5. Be creative. You can choose to do a lot yourself. Like the cakes, decorations, or refreshments, you can do it yourself instead of buying all. It will enable you to come up with your desire designs. You can learn how to dress like a clown, make the decorations, or make animal balloons. A kid does not need a professional to entertain him or her. So far you can act silly and funny, you are good to go.

Some of the creative birthday party ideas for your kids

You don\’t need to look for something expensive to achieve this. No matter the birthday venue you choose, just come up with something fun and exciting. Some of them include:

  • Specially made party hats. You can design hats that mimic a particular theme for the kids at the birthday party. The color might be the same or different but all colorful.
  • Kid\’s special dance. You can place music for all the kids to dance. The best dancer is selected and rewarded. Also, you can tell them to dance around some set of chairs while the music keeps playing. They all sit at the stop of the music. The person who remains standing is kicked out of the game. You keep repeating that while reducing the chair number until only a kid is left seated.
  • Special cake. You can design the birthday cake that mimics your kid\’s favorite color or animal. Cake cutting moment is another exciting time for kids.
  • Bubbles blowing. You can blow the bubbles while the kids run after it for a catch. Allow them to blow the bubbles themselves too, while some runs after it to catch.
  • Presence of teddy bears or stuffed animals. You can inform other kids to bring their favorite teddy bears or stuffed animals along while coming to the party. The display of different teddy bears and stuffed animals will spice up the party.
  • Face painting party. You can provide several face painting colors at a corner during the party. Interested kids will have their faces painted to mimic a cartoon of their choice by themselves or an adult.
  • Jungle theme. You can provide animal face masks for the kids at the party. You can also inform them to dress in their favorite animal character costume. You can then create a mini zoo and have various animal shapes of biscuits.
  • Magic show. You can invite a clown to organize a show for the kids.
  • Balloon bursting. You can put candies inside the balloons and hang around the house. Then you ask kids to pick them up and blow. Once it burst, they get to take the candies inside.

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