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Get Your Child to Start Reading Before Age One

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You should not be skeptical of the fact that motherhood has become the most fulfilling task in our current world. As a matter of fact, each milestone of your kid’s development is demanding and challenging. If you are a mother, you will certainly concur with the fact that after taking the first step and speaking the first words by your kid, the next step is to enlighten him on how to read.

Research has claimed that the first years of child development are very important since it has an effect on his or her personality. That being said, children learning reading is a special comprehensive digital program designed primarily to teach your child to read even before going to school. Also, this program offers step-by-step systematic training to guardians or parents on child development.

In addition, this program intends to offer complete instructions on phonic and phonemic awareness to both parents and kids. Phonics awareness is not the same with phonemic because it concentrates on the growth of the ability of identification, hearing, and manipulation of distinctive phenomes. That being said, your kids should comprehend the sounds of the smallest part of constantly spoken words before you can read a text to them.

According to various studies, phonemic awareness is very effective especially in terms of enlightening your kid on how to decode written and printed words. It is also effective on how to manipulate the individual letter sounds and their formation.

Without going further, if you want to access the program and enable your child learning and reading abilities to be effective, simply click on the link below;

An Overview of the children learning reading program;

  • 1. Concentrates on children learning and comprehension abilities and improve his reading fluency
  • 2.Establish the fundamentals of learning and reading
  • 3. Enable children learning and reading process easy, swift, shorter, and smooth.
  • 4. Includes phonemic and phonics awareness, that is, the link between the sounds and alphabets.
  • 5.Introduction to easy and complicated advanced words
  • 6.Short and interesting stories and nursery rhymes
  • 7. Incorporates enjoyable and fun activities to learn and practice.

What are the advantages of reading this book?

  • 1. It develops phonemic and phonics awareness in every child
  • 2. It is a complete comprehensive e-book
  • 3. All the topics are concise and short
  • 4. It will be of assistance in interpreting letter sounds and demonstrating the right pronunciation in a child.
  • 5. Each topic is productive and highly  effective

A few of the Cons include;

  • 1. It involves every parent’s involvement and devoted efforts.
  • 2. You can only access the program in a digital format.

You should know that a child who is lacking phonic and phonemic awareness will find it very tough to read. This can eventually result in the child being a slow reader. The concept of either of these features is to teach your children to read by identifying the individual alphabets and sounds. These features also enable your child to read new and complicated words.

Your child shouldn\’t be left behind by their mates. If you\’re interested in getting your child to start reading before they\’re ONE, click the link below to watch video.

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