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How to Prevent Sagging Breasts After Pregnancy

Getting back to normal shape after pregnancy is every woman\’s desire. The nine months period has been from one change to the other. Therefore, you shouldn\’t be caught off guard after delivery. It is this moment that you need to watch out most for balancing back.

During pregnancy, there is usually an increase in breast size as a result of estrogen enlarging your milk ducts. Then during breastfeeding, the change might be prominent. This will depend on milk supply and feeding patterns. In all, regular change is inevitable, which makes the skin to stretch and contract. Once breastfeeding is over, the breasts shrink. The stretch out skin may lack the elasticity to shrink back to a smaller size. Therefore, the breasts sag because of a higher ratio of skin to breast tissue. 

Sagging breasts after pregnancy is a common symptom in women. The tendency of the skin to recover from the stretch will be dependent on genetics, age, weight gain, and stress the skin undergoes. Younger women seem to have more skin elasticity than older women. But in the end, a lot depends on genetics. Although there is no miracle cure for breast sagging, certain things can prevent extensive sagging. The steps needed to achieve this might prove stressful at times. But a younger, more youthful appearance can be obtained after pregnancy.

What are the causes of sagging breasts after pregnancy?

Most women experience a rapid increase in breast size during the first trimester. The breasts are hooked to the muscles by cooper\’s ligaments. The ligament acts like a rubber band that holds the breast in position. Tension on the ligaments starts immediately during pregnancy. They are caused by:

  • Increase in the size and weight of the breast. It puts extra strain on the ligaments, thereby causing them to sag.
  • An extended period of breastfeeding. It usually adds pressure on the ligaments, resulting in sagging.
  • Unhealthy diet. Diets high in sugar, alcohol, and nicotine weaken the skin structure. It results in premature sagging of the breast.
  • Age. Research suggested that women who fall pregnant and breastfeed in their 30\’s have a high risk of breast sagging.

Sagging breast and breastfeeding

Some people believe that breastfeeding results in breast sagging. But this is not the issue. Studies reveal that breastfeeding is not directly related to saggy breasts. During pregnancy, the cooper\’s ligaments become stretched out. It implies that even if you choose not to nurse your baby, you may still experience breast sagging after pregnancy. Also, it is normal for breast tissue to sag with age regardless of whether a woman ever gives birth.

Prevention of sagging breast after pregnancy

It is possible to prevent or slow down the process of breast sagging. In short, there are different things to do to keep the breast perky for as long as possible. These include:

  • Wear a supportive bra. Ensure you pick the right bra size during all the periods of pregnancy. This is to ensure that the breasts remain well-supported. Wearing a poorly fitted bra can lead to pain and injury, especially when you are physically active.
  • Regular exercise. The muscles below your breasts (pectorals) can benefit from work out. Toning the pectoralis major and minor will give the breast a slightly more lifted appearance. Push-ups, chest presses, and free weight exercises should be considered. You should not be too lazy to exercise your body after pregnancy. Although it doesn\’t feel comfortable at times, you just need to try to remain in shape.
  • Skin moisturizing and exfoliating. To maintain firmness and hydration, you should ensure you moisturize your skin daily and focus more on the chest region (breasts). Use a body scrub to exfoliate your breast while bathing gently. It helps in removing dead cells. It then improves blood circulation and restores elasticity. Ensure you apply Shea butter or vitamin E oil on your breasts daily. It enhances the breast\’s elasticity, tightens the skin, and also reduces stretch mark appearances on the boobs.
  • Practice good posture. Keep your shoulders back and spine straight as much as possible. Hunched shoulders and poor posture is equal to unsupported breasts. Not being mindful of your posture will add to their saggy appearance.
  • Feed less on animal fat. Consume more of a well-balanced diet that is rich in whole grains and vegetables. It will help in trimming unwanted pregnancy pounds. Also, you need to replace high cholesterol, saturated animal fats with olive oil and vitamin B, and E. All these fight wrinkles and improve skin tone and elasticity.
  • Quit smoking. Smoking hinders your skin ability to repair any damage done to it. The generation of skin cells in your body is reduced by heavy tobacco use. It then leads to premature aging, dryness, and wrinkles. Say no to cigarettes by preserving the shapeliness of your breast.
  • Take hot and cold showers. A hot shower opens your pores and improves blood circulation. Cold shower tightens them up and assists in skin toning. Alternating between water temperatures has proven to be an effective method for boosting blood circulation. During this process, the breasts should be massaged gently. Ice cubes can even be used to massage the breasts after a hot shower, but be careful not to numb your breasts. Ensure always to finish your shower with cold water.
  • Lose weight slowly. Just like baby weaning, after pregnancy, weight loss is a process you need to take slowly. Allow your body to adjust to all these changes. A sudden shift in size produces loose and excess skin, usually around the breast. This might no longer bounce back. Moderate healthy eating and working out is needed if you want to slim down safely and sustainably.
  • Nurse comfortably. Have a good breastfeeding posture. Ensure you do not lean over your breasts downward because, with time, daily feeding will only increase droopiness. Also, reduce stretching by propping your baby up on a pillow. You should raise them to a comfortable height while breastfeeding.
  • Wean your baby slowly. When it is time to wean your baby, do it gradually. It allows fatty tissues enough time to redeposit in your breasts. Reduce the number of sessions of breastfeeding gradually to restore your breast pre-pregnancy form.
  • Ensure you practice a healthy diet. It will ensure that you retain your body\’s right weight. It will also assist in maintaining healthy skin. If you are a carbohydrate lover, you are prone to having more body fat. It can lead to an increase in bust size. You should feed more on organic foods.
  • Drink more water. If your body is well hydrated, you can be sure that your breasts will not sag after pregnancy, and wrinkles will vanish. Your skin will look youthful and more nourished.
  • Try sleeping on your back. Your breasts won\’t be squashed on your tummy, and it won\’t hang or get folded together, compared to you sleeping on your side. Also, you can get a sleeping bra made of cotton that will support your breasts and hold them firmly while sleeping.

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