Pro tips to choosing a baby walker for your little one

best baby walker

Walking is a significant development in both babies’ and parents’ life, as it enables babies to enjoy moving around and play. A baby walker is a lifesaver because it helps you complete house chores knowing fully well your baby is occupied.

When Should Your Baby Start Using a Baby Walker?

There is no fixed age for a newborn to use baby walkers, as it mostly depends on the baby’s strength, development, and size of a baby. The Best Baby Walker is mainly designed for babies between the ages of 4-16 months. However, you need to check whether the baby can able to hold his head up nicely while he touches his feet on the floor. If he can do this, correct him with a baby walker.

Advantages of Using Baby Walker:

There are many advantages to using a walker. The benefits are given below with explanation – 

1.    Increase the Sense of Independence:

When a baby tries to start walking without any assistance, as a parent, we watch them everywhere, and the protective mentality restricts the baby’s movement and freeness. When a baby uses a baby walker, you don’t have to hang regularly with your baby, and the baby can able to move around with joy.

It helps babies to move around with ensuring safety and provide guarantees. If you love to work at home and still keep your baby safe from danger, a baby walker is an option for you.

2.    Explore New Things with Fun and Entertainment:

A baby walker is considered as a toy for your baby. The baby can enjoy the sensation of rolling around and go here and there with exploring the mind. A baby can notice many things and try to grab them when he feels attracted to it. So, always hide toxic items from their eyes as infants try to pick and eat without any attention.

Some baby walkers help your child’s learning, colors, shapes, sensation, and sounds are built into the walker that makes them more attractive and entertaining to your little one. Without any confusion, your baby’s interaction with the baby walker will help contribute to his cognitive development.

3.    Encourage to Walk:

With the hand support, your baby can move one step further to make his first step. It helps your baby to stand and assist on walking. The attempts of playing with a baby walker will aid them in making their first step.

4.    Help Balance:

In the natural process of rolling, crawling, standing, and walking will help a baby learn how to balance. A baby walker will help them to learn to balance while doing those things. When a child uses a baby walker, the walker creates balance and helps the baby not to fall while he moves forward or rolls side. Through this process, the baby learns how to balance his body with his feet.

Disadvantages of Using Baby Walker:

Every product comes with both pros and cons. A baby walker is no exception, so here are some of the drawbacks.

  • Hampers the crawl walk routine and reduce muscle strength that creates problem to stand or walk.
  • The usage of a walker is minimal. When a baby can walk nicely, he doesn’t need a walker so, and the use period is short.
  • A baby walker can cause injury while babies are crawling with it.
  • Babies may injure their toes and fingers because of the folded parts.
  • The rolling wheel can speed up and lead to an accident.

Precautions to Take While Using A Baby Walker:

We recommend you address some baby walker safety issues before you let your baby use the walker.

  • Ensure that your baby uses it on a flat surface only.
  • Keep the child and the walker away from staircases.
  • Always give attention while the baby is using the walker.
  • Remove all the sharp objects that can harm your baby.
  • Hide all the breakable objects from the baby.


Many parents think that it is safe to use a baby walker but as a responsible parent, you have to make the right choice and take care of your baby. It is, after all, a parent’s responsibility to make sure that the baby gets the right objects.

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