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Speech Blubs: Kids Learning and Speech Therapy App

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Does your child have a speech disability, is unable to express his/her needs, or is a late talker? It is understandable as a parent to worry but not for long because we have a solution for your child. In most cases, you need therapy to help him learn how to have multi-exchange conversations and pronounce words correctly. Every parent loves to see their kids express themselves. Speech Blubs is specifically designed to help toddlers, late talkers, and children with any speech problems to improve their speech.

Although many speech therapy apps support kids through alphabets, numbers, and rhymes, Speech Blubs is one of the suitable apps to aid your kids’ learning. The upside to Speech Blubs is that it is also a language therapy app.

What is Speech Blubs?

This is a speech and language therapy app that was created with the help of pathologists and therapists. Speech Blubs application uses voice-controlled and video technology to develop words and sounds for kids two years and above.


How do you know it’s suitable for your child?

Speech Blubs has many engaging activities ranging from observing, mimicking, role-playing, and talking where your child gets a bonus video story that is designed to trigger a conversation between both of you. Speech Blubs is right for a late talker, with special needs, and also a speech therapist.

Skills to learn:

  • Communication Skills
  • Cognitive Development
  • Engagement and Usability
  • Reading
  • Over 1500+ exercises, activities, funny hats, videos, mini-games, and more.

How does Speech Blubs work?

Upon installing the app on your device, you’ll be asked to customize the app to your child’s name and answer a few language therapy questions to enable it to draw your child’s results; so that you know your child’s strong and weak points and if and where your child needs help.

Video modeling has real kids who don’t pretend to be so perfect in a way that kids can relate well. Children learn better when they see other children do what they are trying to do, and that is what Speech Blubs has incorporated. It feels like a real-life interaction between your kids and the kids on the screen. The kids on the screen are not singing like angels, thereby helping your child to know that it is ok for him or her to speak the way he or she is.

This is a variety of activities that will build your child’s vocabulary and concept of everything around him and things he or she is likely to come across; From colors to numbers, alphabets, shapes, rhymes, songs, body parts, animals, vehicles, jobs, food, and sounds. After every category, there is a popping game your child will love.

There are over 1000 bonus videos to enable your child to uncover a library of educational content, creating much fun and learning. You can also read stories to your child through these bonus videos. You don’t have to worry about how to create bonding time between you and your growing child, and you both can speak a common language without any hassle.

Speech blub is also voice-activated. What do we mean? That means that any time your child attempts to make a sound by imitating the children on the screen, a progress bar feature on the app blinks. This feature is to boost your child’s morale and encourage his enthusiasm.

How do you access all these features?

There is a free trial for some time, but this comes with limited content. To access the full features, there is a monthly and annual subscription option. You can opt out of your subscription whenever you want.

Are you alone?

You can join the community of other parents and kids on the Speechblub app and share stories and experiences. There are many parents like you and kids like yours.

Help your kids in their communications journey with Speech Blubs


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