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6 Ways Your Baby Loves You

What makes you feel that your baby loves you? Well, this article will provide some sweet and fascinating ways a baby loves you. In other words, the parent or guardian.

According to a professor of psychology at Lehigh University, Debbie Laible, P.h.D, ‘attachment is a process.’ When you watch over your baby and also take care of your baby, the baby will certainly fall in love with you.

Below, are six ways your baby shows he loves you unconditionally;

1. He knows you are you

According to the author of the philosophical Baby and a professor of psychology at the University of California, Alison Gopnik, PHD, ‘within a few weeks, babies can recognize their caregiver and they prefer her to other people.

Also, according to the director of the Irving B. Harris Infant Studies Program at Erikson University, Linda Gilkerson, PHD, ‘ When a baby is distressed and his parents respond, he learns he can count on them for relief and comfort and that he matters.’

Linda Gilkerson also added that research has proven that caregivers are in ideal sync with their babies only about 40 percent of the time. What is even more crucial is that you (guardian or parent) will learn to recognize and respond when your baby needs you.

2. She stares at you all the time

Once a baby is born, that baby can recognize the mother’s face, smell, and voice. What should be done later is connecting those smells and sounds he trusts with something he can see. That is the basic reason he will begin to study your face as if he is attempting to memorize it. He is actually doing it in a way. He is trying to be sure he knows what love and comfort looks like. So, assuming you notice your baby is staring at you intensely, simply give him time to drink you in.

3. The baby may give you smooches

A baby of around 12 months old may begin to give you kisses. According to the director of the parenting institute at the NYU child study center, Richard Gallaher, Ph.D., ‘Evvi’s enthusiasm shows she has been paying attention to the way her mom shows affection, and she wants to do the same.’ When it comes to physical affection, babies are eager learners and there is no one they would rather practice on than Dad and Mom.

4. She will pull away from you, then run back

As you baby start crawling, you will begin to notice this. From Gopnik explanation, ‘your baby may be thinking I can crawl, let me go out there to find out what is in the world. She goes out there and feels insecure. Then, she will conclude to go back and make sure Mom is still there.’

5. The baby does what you do

Anyone that claimed that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery must have raised a baby or toddler.  Even though a baby is lugging a briefcase down the stairs or cooing over a baby doll, he is certainly displaying how cool he thinks you are. Just like matured people, babies imitate the activities and behaviors of the individuals they cherish the most.

6. They cry when your leave

Your baby tells you she doesn\’t want you to go by wailing and crying when you leave. This means that she acknowledges your absence and your absence signifies some sadness in them.

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