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Best s3x positions during pregnancy

pregnancy sex positions

The fact that you\’re pregnant doesn\’t put an end to s3x. Now, you can\’t say you hate s3x because if you do, you won\’t have gotten pregnant in the first place. One of those good intimacy leads to pregnancy.

One thing I know about s3x is, no matter the condition, you will always crave for it. Not that it\’s an addiction, but the body will always request it at certain moments. You menstruate, ovulate, and now you feel horny. Now, you know what is missing and what\’s next. Never you deny yourself of s3x when it\’s most needed.

What most pregnant women think is that once they are pregnant, that is an end to s3x. But I\’ll tell you that you are missing out. No matter the form of s3x (be it oral or anal), enjoy it at any moment of your pregnancy stage. Being pregnant doesn\’t deprive or stop you from satisfying your body\’s desire. As long as you are safe with no pregnancy complications, you can enjoy s3x when possible. You and your unborn child are safe, and your hobby doesn\’t lack as well.

I know pregnancy does make somethings difficult, depending on the body system. But that doesn\’t happen every time or throughout the pregnancy. Therefore, do not see pregnancy as a disease. You should know the position you\’re most comfortable with to explore the s3x world during pregnancy. The position that gives you full orgasm where you derive all the pleasure you long for; once it is understood, trust me, you\’ll fall in love with s3x during pregnancy.

What are the s3x positions to avoid during pregnancy? 

With pregnancy, it might not be too comfortable having s3x in a normal position as before. Since s3x is about intimacy and body pleasure, there are several ways to go about it. Some styles might be harmful to both mother and child. Avoid areas that place a heavyweight on your belly. Such positions include:

  • The missionary position where you have the man on top of the woman. This can be dangerous as it can compress blood flow from mother to child, especially twenty weeks in pregnancy.
  • Lying flat on the stomach
  • Lying on your back for too long

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Best s3x positions during pregnancy

Think of s3x during pregnancy as a way of exploring various s3xual positions. During this period, you will determine the ideal spot for you and your husband. You will need to adjust to positions that will give you maximum comfort during that pleasurable moment. You will be left to choose which one is comfortable and best suit you. These positions include (but not limited to):

  • S3x from behind or doggie style. It is a great s3xual position for all pregnant women. It keeps pressure off the belly and gives a more comfortable pleasure to the pregnant woman. Pillows, blankets, or towels can be used to add comfort as well.
  • Seated pregnancy s3x. This position is safe, no matter the trimester, as it allows the belly and body to rest well. It is done when the pregnant woman sits on a chair or the edge of the bed. She then positions herself above her partner. Here, the partner can have access to mouth, toys, or fingers either by kneeling in front of the pregnant woman.
  • You on top. Here, the woman climbs on top of the man. This position is known to increase s3xual satisfaction for pregnant women who love to control penetration while they are on top of their partner. Depending on the kind of penetration you want, you can easily adjust it. You can adjust comfort by leaning back to keep belly weight from tilting you forward.

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  • Spooning s3x. It is more comfortable as the partner usually holds and penetrates the pregnant partner from behind while both lying down and facing away from each other. This position helps to put less pressure on the belly. The hubby is advised to touch the clitoris, whether penetrating or not, as pleasure is mostly derived from there.
  • Standing. This position works best when your partner holds you around the waist. It is advisable not to stand on anything for safety reasons. Seek solid ground while the pregnant woman places her hands on the wall and lean in for stability.
  • Floating pregnancy position. Depending on the size of your bathtub, a pregnant woman can have and enjoy s3x in the bathtub. With this s3x position, you can float while giving or receiving pleasure. At times, your partner can lie under you for support while you float on top. Make sure you allow his hands to stimulate your sensitive areas for pleasure. It can also be a way of caring for each other sensually.
  • Oral s3x in a resting position. You can rest comfortably either by sitting on your bed while your partner gives you oral stimulation. He can lick your clitoris or use toys on your sensitive areas to provide you with pleasure.
  • Mutual masturbation. This s3x type allows you and your partner to connect s3xually in any position you feel comfortable with.
  • Scissors. It is suitable for the first and second trimesters. It allows you to lie face to face while having s3x. Your partner\’s left leg can be raised over your right leg, vice versa. You can kiss, cuddle, and maintain eye contact in this position. Afterward, the pregnant woman can lean back while her partner props himself up with his arms.
  • X-files. In this position, your partner has full access to your breasts and nipples, which are always super sensitive due to some pregnancy hormones at that time. You lie on your back with your legs in the air or wrapped around his neck while he enters you. This position makes your vagina opening tighter, which makes you both feel intense.

I am sure with these listed positions, you can practice as many as you can. Also, you can choose one or two that will best suit your pregnancy stage.

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