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How to Discover and Nurture your Baby\’s Interest

Children love to play and explore, and if as a parent, you are not paying attention to how they play and what they play with, you will miss important information about them. Children develop their personality from when they are babies and many are born with innate abilities which if you as their parent discover early, you can help them build on it and channel it properly.

How do you discover your baby’s interest?

Pay close attention 

What is it that your baby loves to do? Is it drumming, singing? Oh yes, babies as young as eight months sing. Don\’t be surprised. Is it scribbling, love for musical instruments? What type of toys calls her attention? Pay closer attention to your child\’s pattern to pick what interests your child and what is likely his or her talent.

Encourage their interest

My son was one, I bought him his first drum set and oh, how he drummed our ears down with it. I noticed how he operated smartphones well before he was a year old. He has a knack for technology too. Whatever ability or talent you see your baby demonstrating, encourage early by exposing them to it under your watchful care.  

Praise their efforts

When your baby does something interesting or worthy of note, praise them. Clap for them, raise them a high five, or buy a gift. If the baby tries to stack a lego, make it look like he/she has accomplished a big feat. Never make their accomplishment look small.

Give them exposure

Expose your baby to various fun activities and classes to help you discover one or more of his or her interest. This kind of exposure can also help children also discover more about themselves. You just might learn that your child loves drawing and painting. 

How to Nurture Your Child’s interest

You have found one or more interest in your child. That is great. Keep in mind that you can discover more of his or her interest and also that his/her interest can change as the child grows.

  1. Enroll your child in recreational activities that encourage this talent or gift you have discovered.
  2. An academic program, children boot camps, science workshops for children, a mathematics program, are great ways to help children who are mathematical or logical thinkers.
  3. Don’t make your child do that thing you love and was never able to do for yourself. Don’t make them into that version of you that you want to exist.
  4. Encourage your children to be themselves. Never try to stifle them. You can become too conscious of order and cleanliness in the house that you forget that in playing, children learn and build themselves. Allow them to explore.
  5. Get materials that talk to their interest. If you discover your child likes painting, always keep art materials for painting around, if he or she is interested in music than get musical instruments for kids. Let the child see how interested you are in what he or she is interested in.
  6. Make your house a work of art. Beautiful and interesting for your child. A beautiful environment helps children\’s creativity. 
  7. Start grooming your baby\’s talent early. Also, look for a school that has an all-round educational system. This is to help complement the great work you are doing at home.

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