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My Husband Wouldn\’t Do Baby\’s Dishes But Have Time for His Music

Wife lashes out at her husband for not helping out with baby\’s dishes even though he has the time to record a whole album. She complains that her husband only looks after their baby for just an hour when she\’s been with the baby all day and done all chores.

According to what she told slate.com,

\”My husband has recorded an entire album but doesn\’t have time to do the baby\’s dishes.

We have a 7-month-old, and I stopped working because we felt that daycare was too risky due to the pandemic. Now my husband is the sole earner, and I\’m home with the baby all day. He typically comes home and watches the baby for an hour while I quickly get some chores done. But then he gets on Facebook or takes a nap or works on music.

Meanwhile, when I ask him to do the dishes, he only agrees on occasion—with a big sigh and some eye-rolling. I tell myself that he needs downtime because he\’s working all day. Taking care of the baby is not as stressful as working. But something nags at me that it\’s not fair. Is it fair?\”

Please drop your opinions and advice on what she could do and how to approach the situation. Thank you!!

Source: Slate

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