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5 Simple & Fun Ways To Document Your Pregnancy

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Are you pregnant?? Congratulations!!

Pregnancy is full of a lot of stories that can take a lot of efforts to remember and in most cases, remembering all the scenes doesn\’t happen. But hey, what if you could remember all, yes, like all, from the very day till the day you hold your baby in your hands? How?………Pregnancy Documenting!!

Probably you are wondering how to keep some memories from this beautiful adventure, and you are overwhelmed with the options and same-old looking pregnancy progress photos. These ideas will help you create memories of the exciting time. Pregnancy can be kind of a blur truthfully. At the onset, you’re worried, and also feeling nauseous wishing for weeks to fly till the delivery date so you can hold your cute baby in your arms. A time will come you will wish to experience pregnancy again. It’s a beautiful experience you would love to hold on to, unlike anything else you’ll ever experience.

Photo Journal

Having a pregnancy journal is a great way to document your thoughts if you want to keep more than images, wishes, pictures, and worries you had during pregnancy. Photos of your baby shower, gifts, memorable moments, preparation of the nursery, and your other pregnancy highlights (including documenting your cravings, of course!) should be taken.

Create a pregnancy blog

Women are happy and would love to share their pregnancy trials and tribulations with the world online. \”One important question to ask yourself before creating a blog is “why are you creating the blog.”

Create pregnancy keepsakes

A fun way to record or document your pregnancy is by Keepsakes, such as belly casting or pictures of your bump with belly paint or natural henna. A measuring tape can also make a great souvenir. Make marks on a tape measure to know how your belly grows month by month.

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Belly & Baby

A combination of belly & baby shows you document your growing baby and your growing belly simultaneously; it needs some artistic skills to pull off (Get a photographer or ask for help from a relative or friend with good photoshoot skills). The matching colors are vital to making it look good! It can also be turned into a pretty severe featuring images around the same color theme! This is a must-try!!

Chalkboard Updates

A combination of belly growth and a journal. To record every week, take a bit of time to pull this off; you can always opt for the shorter version and make it a monthly update instead. If you prefer taking pictures as a means to record pregnancy, then, by all means, go to a very reliable studio to book a package


Every pregnancy varies from the last or the next. Also, your way to document pregnancy will differ. Let your creativity flow through as you ponder about these suggestions. But feel free to juice it up a bit! Find the best and memorable way to remember all these precious memories. It will be interesting to tell your child about them one day when the time comes.

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