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Vaginal Tears: What Your Doctor Didn\’t Tell You

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Vaginal tears are one of the most common childbirth injuries women face, and it has caused so much trauma to women that most women fear experiencing it again. I have had encounters with nursing mothers and pregnant women (both new and experienced) that fear the trauma of going through frightening experiences due to childbirth injuries.

The truth is that vaginal tears would most likely be experienced by 97% of pregnant women; this is not because you cannot prevent it, but it\’s most likely because you have been doing it wrongly.

  1. Are you scared of not controlling your normal body functions as a result of perineal tears during childbirth?
  2. Do you involuntarily ease yourself as a result of vaginal tears?
  3. Have you tried all the necessary means, and you still end up with the same result?

How do I protect myself from Childbirth Injuries?

As a health specialist and writer, I want to share with you healthy, tested, and trusted solutions to prepare you for childbirth properly and to reduce the risk of vaginal tear during childbirth significantly.

I have been a health adviser for five years now and have written health articles on top health blogs, which have helped countless mothers develop physical and mental readiness for childbirth. Through my blog and pages, I have helped new moms understand the prerequisite needed for safe and injury-free delivery.

Here are some of the factors that can predispose a woman to childbirth injuries;

  • Ethnicity
  • Mother size relative to baby size
  • Mother pregnancy routines
  • Diet

The book I’m about to share with you have outlined detailed procedures to not only help you stay safe during childbirth but also to minimize the pain of delivery to the nearest minimum. The writer of this book (A professional Nurse and Midwife) have put together a series of enlightening activities that can help you prepare your body for birth and reduce the risk of vaginal tear significantly.

For more information on how to experience a safe childbirth process, free of hurts or pains, how to protect yourself from vaginal tears during childbirth, and how to ensure a healthy mum and child, Get This Book Now.

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