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Suggestions for Newborn Baby and Toddler Clothes

Baby clothes

Babies are born with tiny fingers and toes, squishy cheeks, and the softest skin imaginable, and then you get to dress them in small, adorable costumes; just when you think they cannot get cuter, boom!!! They blow your mind. Dressing your baby can be an exciting part of the first year and beyond, whether for style or function. But precisely what makes the right baby clothes?

What to look out for when shopping for baby clothes. A lot is a personal preference, but when shopping, there are several things to bear in mind. As well as famous brands that have all parents are going gaga, here is some stuff you can look for.

Remember: basics are best; Outfits with lots of buttons, pleats, or other extras may be nice, but for daily life, they may not be practical or comfortable. Save those standouts for special occasions and try to create a set of cozy onesies, leggings/pants, and pajamas for plenty of food and sleeping.

Weigh your fabric options: You\’ll see that several baby clothing brands sell organic fabrics. These are particularly good for your baby\’s skin because the fabric appears to be comfortable and free of chemicals. Cotton and other natural materials are solid choices, such as linen, since they do not trap moisture against the baby\’s skin.

Prioritize functions: For the many diaper changes ahead, you\’ll want to ensure your baby clothing offers easy access. And the same goes for searching for onesies and sleepers for nighttime changes that deliver convenient (and quiet!) zippers and clicks.

Consider neutral colors: You may wear baby clothes for more than one boy. Try looking at apparel that provides designs or colors appropriate for either gender if you intend to have more than one baby down the line. That said, there aren\’t any rules here. Pink is a nice color for a boy or girl.

Think baby boots: For growing feet, soft soles are preferred when it comes to shoes. In all colors, fabrics, and designs, booties are made. The finest part? There are plenty of them with snaps so that they don\’t fall off. Otherwise, you may find yourself looking for a lost boot!

Stick to your budget: With all the prints and colors, it can be effortless to go overboard. The thing is, you don\’t have to break the bank to dress your child in style. Be sure to splurge on a few primary items, but bear in mind that babies grow quickly and wear just every size of clothing (0-3 months, etc.) for a few months (or weeks!) in their first year. 

Time to begin shopping for baby clothes

It can be a fun activity to collect some clothing pieces before your baby arrives and a way to bond with your little one. That said, if your child has yet to be born, some babies never fit into the \”newborn\” size or develop out of it quickly, so don\’t splurge on a zillion newborn-sized onesies.

Many parents end up with a lot more baby clothes than they could need! Do not be shy about taking hand-me-downs from parents of older children or handing yours on to others.

We have put together a handful of budget-friendly suggestions below; at thrift stores or through online parent groups, you will also find brand new baby clothes.

How to choose the best baby clothes?

We pulled together a list of trusted brands in terms of baby and toddler cloth suggestions; the following brands are versatile, high-quality, and offer a wide variety of baby boy and baby girl clothes.

Best budget-friendly baby clothes


Since 1972, Walmart\’s Garanimals brand has been around to help parents \”dress their little ones affordably, adorably, and easily.\” Today, it provides quality simple, basics, patterned pieces, and more, no special sales needed every day incredibly. Walmart is a decent place to shop without breaking the bank if you\’re looking to stock up on bodysuits or fun graphic tees.

Old Navy

Old Navy is known for its regular (and deep) baby clothing discounts. Their trends are new and extremely on-trend, and many of their pieces fit so that for whatever season you\’re in, you can create capsule wardrobes. Although online shopping is undoubtedly the way to go this year, you can still conveniently shop in-store and browse for even more savings in the clearance section.

Cat and jack

Target is essentially a one-stop-shop for all babies, and clothing is no exception. With funky and new print,\” the store\’s Cat & Jack brand offers brightly colored options. From basic onesies and leggings to dressier outfits, swimsuits, skirts, and even shoes, you can find something.

Bonus: With returns approved, as long as you have a receipt, the brand provides a 1-year guarantee against rips/tears/damage.

Best newborn baby clothes


In many of their models, Gap provides newborn sizes that they call \”up to 7 lbs.\” The colorway is very pastel and soothing overall. A selection of soft fabrics and a decent mix of at-home wear (footed sleepers, onesies) and more on-the-go choices can be found (dresses and overalls).

Keep your eyes out for sales and savings stacking events (where, in addition to a regular deal, you get a percentage off), particularly when buying small clothes your baby will not wear for long!

Posh peanuts

Bamboo fibers make up the Posh Peanut clothing known for being lightweight, stretchy, and breathable. For snug all-day wear, their knotted gowns are super soft and cozy, and the prints are also cute and particularly photographable if you decide to do a photo session for a newborn. If you so wish, you can also purchase matching outfits for mom!


Sizing is the power of the baby clothing line by Carter. They have a dedicated Preemie Shop where the smallest babies (they even have an \”up to 5 lbs.\” size) can find many clothing choices. Otherwise, with their quality apparel and their regular doorbusters, discounts, and stock-up deals, Carters’ is referred to as a go-to. Here you can find several prints, sayings, and matching sets.

Best organic baby clothes brands


The hallmark of L\’ovedbaby basics is the wonderfully soft colors. Their garments are made of 100% certified organic cotton, free of icky stuff such as formaldehyde, heavy metals, and genetically modified organisms (GMO). The company also offers an incredibly soft range of clothing made of organic cotton muslin. The sizes of babies vary from newborns to 24 months. You can also find on the site clothes for your toddlers, baby boys, and baby girls, or even yourself.

Kate Quin

In the stretchy modal, bamboo, and organic terry fabrics, Kate Quinn has an array of \”organic and artisan\” baby and toddler apparel. Not all of their collections are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic, but they are clearly labeled to avoid misconception.

Most of their labels read, for example,\” its comfortable and stretchy bamboo clothing is made of a sustainable semisynthetic fabric that is environmentally friendly.\” It\’s also worth noting that online shopping can be done.

Best gender neutral baby clothes


Pact apparel is made of organic cotton and manufactured in a fair trade factory ethically. Babies\’ fashions include tops, bottoms, bodysuits, and sleepwear. Among the collection, there are a few prints, but overall you\’ll find soft rainbow colors and simple silhouettes that fit both baby boy and girl’s styles.


Dress up your baby or toddlers with all the vibrant colors at Primary in the rainbow. For affordable basics, this brand is excellent and offers onesies, bodysuits, rompers, T-shirts, jeans, pajamas, and more. The list is split into children (0-24 months) and children (2 to 12 years) because all clothes are suitable for boys and girls.

The takeaway

A bunch of brands. Plenty of choices. Lots of stuff to get excited about in the first year when it comes to dressing your baby. Try to prioritize the comfort of your baby above all else when in doubt. It is always a winner for soft, stretchy outfits with easy on/off and access for fast diaper changes. Beyond that, the remainder is up to your wishes and your budget. Happy shopping!

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