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A New Mother’s Guide to Baby Massage

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How Should New Mothers Start Massaging Their Baby? Baby massage is a great way to give baby attention and relaxation delicately. Get some answers on the potential advantages of baby massages and how to begin. Body rubs are calming for the baby and therapeutic for moms 

Easy Massage Tips for the New Mother

Just became a first-time mother? Congrats on your new title. Parenthood is associated with limitless joy and happy new experiences. The question in our minds, is baby massage necessary? Indeed it is. An important part of being a mother is building up a bond with your child. Through the massage, learn the many ways your infant communicates to you, giving you the opportunities to support them better.

These body rubs are always calming. Not just the babies will feel relaxed, but the massage is additionally therapeutic for moms. Always be aware that they are delicate, and the massage should be done softly. Here are some inspiring ways you can get started.

1. Prepare Them
towels and candles

Turn on some calming lullaby music

45 minutes to 1 hour before it\’s time to sleep, we suggest a warm bath for the baby. Then cover them with a towel, carry them to a faintly lit room and turn on some calming lullaby music. You\’ll also need to be certain that your house is warm enough to be your infant\’s massage. Talking about sleep time, can baby massage help sleep come quicker? It’s true, and an infant massage truly encourages them to sleep soundly. Studies show that babies massaged by their moms before bed will generally nod off quicker, rest much deeper, and stay that way for long.

2. Create a Soothing Environment

Perform the massage in a warm, calm spot if possible — inside or outside. Whether you’re on the carpet, in bed or standing before the changing table and position your infant on a cover or towel before you. Place your child on their back so that you can talk or sing to them and benefit as much as possible from the experience. Finally, pick an appropriate time when they aren’t too full or really hungry.

3. Baby Massage Oil is an Option
massage oil

Caution: Avoid using oil if there is an allergic reaction

Use baby oil and slide over your infant’s skin. Always test a bit of that oil on a small spot of your child\’s skin and leave it for 24 hours to check for any response. A decent spot to do this is the thigh. Avoid using oil if there’s an allergic reaction. Wipe it off immediately with the best baby wipes. With no reaction, rub the oil in your palms and start with the child\’s legs and afterward work your way up to their calves and thighs. Squeeze them delicately.

4. Know the Limits

If your infant looks agitated at the beginning and doesn\’t appear to want it, stop. A back rub when they don’t need it will just make them fussier. You also don\’t need to give a full-body massage every single time.

Colic in babies is a major issue. So, how can baby massage help colic relief? Moving your fingers in a clockwise movement without applying much pressure is the correct method for baby tummy rubs for gas. Stop if they are crying; instead, we propose massaging your child every few moments during the day to help avoid the accumulation of gas, which can cause an enlarged/hard and painful belly by late evening and at night.

5. Finish Gently
mom kissing baby

Finish by giving the infant a delicate hug

Turn the infant over on the stomach and tenderly rub the back in long, stroking movements. Finally, turn the child over on the back and delicately massage the scalp in little, clockwise motions. Continue talking and entertaining them, softly telling them what you\’re doing every step of the way. Finish the session by giving the infant a delicate hug and wrap them with a soft towel.


We can\’t show you all the intricate details of baby massage in a blog article. Infant massage is just not that difficult, but it needs particular strategies to be used in unique ways to specific points on your baby\’s body. It may take a couple of attempts before both of you get comfortable with the baby rubs. Take your time.

So, will you make the baby massage a tradition for you and them to bond?

Author’s Bio: Laura Casey is a blogger, mother, and housewife who shares her vast experience in parenting, motherhood, and pregnancy. Her articles have already helped a lot of people who deal with parenting. She draws inspiration from raising kids and Motherhood itself. She believes that Parenthood can connect people all over the world.

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