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Tips for Spending Time With Your Child

Why spending time with your child is very important

The demands of keeping a roof over your family\’s head, giving your child the best clothes, education, toys, gadgets, saving for retirement, and aging parents. All those things that compete for your time and attention make it look almost impossible to find time for your child. Your work demands are never-ending, and you return home exhausted thinking only to shower and climb into your bed, but when you open the door to your sitting room, you are greeted with the beautiful voice of your child shouting out, \”Daddy,\” \”mummy.\” You hug your little one, but know you can\’t help with his homework. While you have a valid excuse, you still have to make out quality time for your child.

Importance of Spending time with your child

  1. It creates a bond that lasts for a lifetime and space in the life of your child that none can fill. It\’s the only way you can build a friendship with your child and get your child to tell you anything from a young age, and you are less afraid of him or her getting into trouble.
  • You can instill your values in them. If you don\’t teach them your values while they are young, another random human will teach them theirs, or they will pick up anything from the streets which most times spells trouble. You want your child to represent you well, so spend time with him teaching him things he should know. In watching and listening to you, he understands what you stand for and what he would like to stand for.
  • Children want a superhero, and when they can find that in you, they feel safe and surer of themselves. The trust that you would love your child to put in you can only be built when you are around. Their superhero teaches them lessons about life and how to behave when faced with individual circumstances.
  • When you are available for your child during his childhood, you reduce the possibility of creating a distance with your child when he becomes a teenager. Any friendship that is not created in your child\’s formative ages becomes difficult to form in teen years. You begin to complain about your teen\’s withdrawal and not spending time with the family.
  • Spending time with your child helps you understand his interests, talents, and dislikes. Knowing will help you guide him properly in taking decisions and making choices. When you know your child\’s interest, you can help him or her channel it properly, and you can groom this interest to become a career that is pursued.

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Ways to Spend time with your child

dad and daughter playing together
  1. Create time to join your child in doing homework or project
  2. Reading bedtime stories or telling them folktales is an exciting way to spend time together
  3. Organize family outing, camping or picnic
  4. Spend weekends playing chess, draft, monopoly or any game you know with your child
  5. If you attend clubs like lawn tennis club, badminton club, or any activity that is safe for your child to participate, you should consider taking him or her with you sometimes.
  6. It would help if you went grocery shopping together with your child from time to time. Don\’t be too afraid of the chaos of running around they might do. Just enjoy time with them
  7. You don\’t have to do the chores alone, you and your child can have fun doing it together.

You won\’t remain young forever, and they won\’t stay children forever. Don\’t throw away the memories you can build together. You want your children growing up to think of you as the father or mother they can\’t count on. No matter how tough it is, your child is the silver lining in the sky. 

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