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Why Pregnancy S3x is So Important

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People\’s opinion on pregnancy s3x varies because various observations are deducted from several angles. You might feel that you have had enough sessions that actually got you pregnant, and what else do you need at that particular point which you don\’t have already. So you see pregnancy s3x as irrelevant or even a taboo. 

Most couples are ignorant of its importance. For some people, they are not too sure how safe it will be for both the mother and child. You may need approval from your doctor due to specific reasons; otherwise, it is perfectly safe. You can continue until the late period of pregnancy. 

Although it is normal for your s3x drive to change during pregnancy, having s3x will not hurt your baby. Because your partner\’s penis will not even go beyond your vagina. For some couples, they find having s3x during pregnancy enjoyable while some won\’t even think of trying it. 

The importance of pregnancy s3x

Pregnancy is not a disease and should not stop you from loving and making love when needed, you only need a good understanding of how to go about it. If you have a healthy pregnancy without complications, having s3x will not lead to a miscarriage or early labor. Pregnancy s3x comes along with emotional and psychological benefits of which some are;

It prevents morning sickness

According to Gallup\’s theory, morning sickness occurs as a result of a rejection of parental cells. It occurs as a foreign substance in the womb, which the body tries to expel through nausea and vomiting. Therefore, the release of sperm during s3x and exposure to increased sperm during pregnancy can subside morning sickness through exposition to either vagina s3x or oral s3x.

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It makes labor and recovery easier

An orgasm usually increases the contractions in the pelvic region during s3x, which will help strengthen the muscles needed for labor and after delivery.

Labor induction

Pregnancy s3x could bring about labor for overdue women as a result of the release of oxytocin, a labor-inducing hormone. Also, the semen that is released contains prostaglandins, even a labor induction hormone which is capable of ripening the cervix.

Prevention of complications

Sperm regulates the immune body\’s system because of its proteinous nature, and having enough of it during pregnancy s3x will help prevent preeclampsia. The cause of preeclampsia is unknown, and it is necessary to always go for prenatal visits and talk to your doctor about your risk.

Reduced blood pressure

There is usually a decrease in blood pressure immediately after having s3x. This is not a cure for high blood pressure because it is only temporal, and proper care should be sought for people having high blood pressure to put it under control.

Improved orgasm with different and better s3x

During pregnancy, most of your nerve endings are more sensitive. Your nipples and clitoris are engorged, and there is more estrogen drawing blood flow to your pelvis or pubic area. It is usually easier to achieve orgasms during this period because of the reasons stated above. Some women who find it challenging to have an orgasm before pregnancy may now observe that they no longer do. Also, your vagina is more lubricated because of the increase in estrogen, which allows for easy penetration.

Improved self-esteem

Despite the change that comes with pregnancy, you may feel that your body is no longer yours. Having s3x can assist in restoring your body\’s confidence and positive feelings about yourself.

Stress reduction

It is normal to worry about a lot of things during pregnancy, like work and changes that will even occur after your baby is born. Remember that your body releases oxytocin, a love hormone when you have an orgasm. This can assist in negating some of those stresses and also improve your sleep. Orgasm is a natural stress reliever that floods your body during s3x due to the presence of oxytocin (endorphins producing hormone), which makes the body feel calm, alleviate pain, and even gives you a happy feeling.

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Preparation for labor

Having s3x will not automatically put you into labor if you are past your due date or in full-term. It can only help your body prepare for labor because of the semen, which contains prostaglandins, which can help ripen the cervix.

Improved connections

You must connect with your partner now while you have time because once the baby is born, you will need more of that connection. Most women become more focused on their pregnancies, and at the time, their partners are left out. Having frequent s3x will now help strengthen the intimate relationship and sustain the bond you have with your partner and make you establish a healthy habit for the future.

Discovery of new s3x positions

There are several s3x positions that you may find unpleasant and unpleasurable before pregnancy. But when pregnancy sets in, you will begin to explore new styles and positions that you never even imagined due to the shape of the tummy. It is now the moment you try out new positions with your partner.

You can only be ignorant about what you do not know. Now that you have seen the many benefits of pregnancy s3x, it is high time you take the bull by the horn and explore all these benefits with your spouse.

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