Why Some Labor Periods are Longer Than Others

A special experience for women is certainly childbirth. In some situations, the labor period may be quick while in another labor period, it may take time. That being said, the length or the signs of labor depends on so many factors involved.

First of all, what is labor? Well, it is a series of intense and repeated muscle contractions. The contractions usually assist the baby in coming out from the womb. It is in your lower back area and belly that most women feel the contractions. This is often referred to as labor pains.

On average, women who are giving birth for the first time usually stay in labor for 12 to 18 hours. If you have been pregnant before and given birth to a child, it is usually quicker to conceive.

Why are some labor periods longer than others?

Well, the labor stage usually determines prolonged labor. As a matter of fact, when there is failure in progress in conceiving a child, then you are experiencing a prolonged labor. In addition, if you are unable to conceive after approximately 20 hours of constant contractions, then you are in a prolonged labor.

Besides, some experts in the field stated that you can know a longer labor period when it stays between 18 to 24 hours.

Now, what are the signs of labor that can stay for an extended period?

  • 1. When the head of your baby is too big or if the baby is too big and is unable to pass through the birth canal
  • 2. When you have a weak contractions
  • 3. When the contractions are too tiny for the baby to pass through
  • 4. When your baby in the womb is placed in an abnormal position. In other words, every baby head down in the womb should be facing your back.

What may occur if the labor stays for an extended period?

When it is the due date for a woman to give birth, certainly she will want to experience fast labor and swift delivery. But let us assume your labor is taking more time than what you expected, what you should try to do is to take comfort in knowing your nurse, doctor, or midwife. The reason is that these professionals will certainly help when there is a problem and will also closely monitor you.

As a matter of fact, these professionals may constantly check;

  • 1. The strength of your contractions
  • 2. How often you have contractions.

How can one treat labor that stays for a long period?

Let us assume you are experiencing a prolonged labor, what you should first of all consider is to rest for a while. At times, you may be given drugs to reduce the pains, since you might want to change the position of your body.

Also, assuming your baby is in the birth canal, special tools such as the vacuum device, forceps, etc may be used by the doctors or midwife to help pull out the baby through the vagina. You may also receive Pitocin, but only if your doctor feels that your contractions must be stronger. This certain drug will help to increase the speed of your contractions and also make it more powerful.

Finally, you may need a C-section if after everything mentioned above proves to be futile. You will certainly need a C-section if the baby is too big or the medicine fails to speed up delivery.

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Vaginal Tears: What Your Doctor Didn\’t Tell You

Vaginal tears are one of the most common childbirth injuries women face, and it has caused so much trauma to women that most women fear experiencing it again. I have had encounters with nursing mothers and pregnant women (both new and experienced) that fear the trauma of going through frightening experiences due to childbirth injuries.

The truth is that vaginal tears would most likely be experienced by 97% of pregnant women; this is not because you cannot prevent it, but it\’s most likely because you have been doing it wrongly.

  1. Are you scared of not controlling your normal body functions as a result of perineal tears during childbirth?
  2. Do you involuntarily ease yourself as a result of vaginal tears?
  3. Have you tried all the necessary means, and you still end up with the same result?

How do I protect myself from Childbirth Injuries?

As a health specialist and writer, I want to share with you healthy, tested, and trusted solutions to prepare you for childbirth properly and to reduce the risk of vaginal tear during childbirth significantly.

I have been a health adviser for five years now and have written health articles on top health blogs, which have helped countless mothers develop physical and mental readiness for childbirth. Through my blog and pages, I have helped new moms understand the prerequisite needed for safe and injury-free delivery.

Here are some of the factors that can predispose a woman to childbirth injuries;

  • Ethnicity
  • Mother size relative to baby size
  • Mother pregnancy routines
  • Diet

The book I’m about to share with you have outlined detailed procedures to not only help you stay safe during childbirth but also to minimize the pain of delivery to the nearest minimum. The writer of this book (A professional Nurse and Midwife) have put together a series of enlightening activities that can help you prepare your body for birth and reduce the risk of vaginal tear significantly.

For more information on how to experience a safe childbirth process, free of hurts or pains, how to protect yourself from vaginal tears during childbirth, and how to ensure a healthy mum and child, Get This Book Now.

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Pregnancy Symptoms for a Baby Girl or Boy

Girl or boy, we are sometimes anxious to know. While for some women, they love surprises, and the reverse is the case for others. Whether a baby girl or boy, they are all children. But it won\’t be a bad idea to know the sex of the baby before childbirth.

Be fully aware that men are in total control of the sex of a child. Science had it that a man has two different sex chromosomes, male and female. The one that fertilizes the woman will determine the gender of the child. For the woman, she produces just one kind of sex chromosome, which is usually a determinant for a female child.

Therefore, a woman has only sex chromosomes that will produce a female child only while a man has sex chromosomes that will determine a male or a female. Although, the man has no say on which of the chromosomes that will fertilize during sexual intercourse, so it\’s a game of chance.

There are several sex prediction tests and theories that claim to be true in the olden days and till now. Among those theories are scan-based, emotional signs, old charts, telltale body signs, home tests, and old wives\’ tales.

Ways to determine a baby\’s sex

Although the baby\’s sex is already set right from the beginning, you will need to wait for a little to verify it thoroughly. Some of the ways to find out the sex of the baby earlier include:

1. Free cell DNA blood test like a panorama. A blood test can be conducted nine weeks into your pregnancy. The result is revealed after a week. It can show the baby\’s sex because the traces of your baby\’s DNA is present in your blood.

2. Ultrasound. An ultrasound is performed between 18-20 weeks of the pregnancy. The sex of the baby can be determined through this means. A scan shows where the baby\’s genitals are and carefully examined for sex predictions.

3. Amniocentesis. It can be done between the 16-20 weeks of pregnancy. It tests the amniotic fluid. They determine the sex of the baby as well as other genetic conditions. But it can cause miscarriage in pregnancy.

4. Chorionic villus sampling. It is used to test the placenta. It can be done between the eleventh to the thirteenth week of pregnancy to determine the baby\’s sex.

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Some of the pregnancy symptoms for a baby girl or baby boy 

There are many signs, either scientific or traditional, that predict the sex of a baby. Some of these have been proven correct. They include:

  1. Severe morning sickness. It is believed that morning sickness varies in women, and from pregnancy to pregnancy. The severity of morning sickness can be a clue to the baby sex. If it\’s a female child, the morning sickness will be much. This occurs as a result of high levels of the hormone. If it\’s a boy, the sickness will be minimal.
  2. Skin condition. Hormones\’ behavior differs from women to women. Some believed that a baby girl would steal the mother\’s beauty alongside oily skin while a male child won\’t even give the mother acne. Concerning hair growth as well, some believed that a boy would give the mother longer and lustrous hair. While with a girl child, the hair will be limp and dull.
  3. Cravings.  There are various changes in nutritional needs that accomplish pregnancy. It differs in both sexes. Some believe that cravings for sweets and chocolate are likened to a female child. Craving for salty and savory food is less to be a male child.
  4. Heart rate. Some revealed a significant difference in the heartbeat of a baby, which can be used to determine gender. The proposed fact is that, if the pulse is below 140, then it\’s a male child. If it\’s over 140, then it\’s a female child.
  5. Bodyweight. It has an impact on the belly as well. If you weigh low, it might be a baby boy and. If you weigh high, then it might be a baby girl. In short, the gain of weight around the middle belly during pregnancy might symbolize a girl child. While gaining more in the front of the body signifies a male child.
  6. Mood swings. It occurs as a result of hormonal changes in pregnancy. Hormonal changes rise during pregnancy and fall after childbirth. Some believed that extreme mood swings and a higher level of estrogen signify a female child.
  7. Carrying the baby high. It is found to be a repeated sign of having a baby girl. A male child will hang down at the bottom.
  8. Stress level. Studies revealed that stress levels affect the sex of a baby. There exist a relationship between stress hormone cortisol and the gender of a baby. Statistically, it is found that women with a high level of cortisol are more likely to have a girl child.

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Other pregnancy symptoms:

  • Big appetite. A pregnant woman consumes more when she carries a male child.
  • The spinning of the wedding ring. When you tie your wedding ring to a piece of string and place it in front of your belly, if it moves forward and backward, it\’s a male child. If it moves in a circular direction, then it\’s a female child.
  • Chinese birth chart. It is an ancient Chinese document that requires the Chinese age of the mother and the Chinese month of conception. It will be used to determine the gender of the child.
  • Best foot forward. It was predicted that those who walk with their right foot are expecting a baby boy.
  • Urine color. The color of the urine can determine the sex of the baby. If your urine color is bright yellow, then it could be a baby girl. If it is a duller hue, it can indicate a baby boy.
  • Cold feet. If you always have cold feet during pregnancy, it could be a sign that you are carrying a baby boy.
  • Birth. The most certain of all is to wait until the baby is popped out. Then you can fully be sure of the sex of the baby.
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Remedies for Back Pain During Pregnancy

Different kinds of back pains occur in women during pregnancy, and this often increases with advancing gestation. Is it to mention the lower back pain, lumbar pain, or the pelvic girdle pain? All these back pain typically affects the lower back. A lot of factors like hormonal changes, stress, weight gain, muscle separation, and postural changes are responsible for this back pain during pregnancy. The causes vary between women and dependent on the pregnancy stage. 

Factors responsible for back pain during pregnancy

The hormonal changes occur during the first trimester due to the rapid increase of progesterone levels in the body. When the level of this hormone is high, the muscles and ligaments near the pelvis are relaxed. It can, in turn, affect the stability and alignment of the joints.

In the second and third trimesters, postural changes will occur due to the protruding stomach, which makes the woman lean backward. This thereby puts extra strain on the back muscles, which could result in lower back pain and muscle stiffness. 

A shift forward change occurs from the center of gravity as the baby grows because of the increase in weight. Also, weight gain during pregnancy can contribute to a lower back and joint pain; this can impact both the mother\’s and baby\’s overall health.

Now that you are aware of the possible causes of back pain during pregnancy, it is left for you to know or proffer remedies for back pains during pregnancy. It is a typical symptom for pregnant women, and that should not cause much panic. At times, back pain might seem inevitable during pregnancy, but there are ways to get relieved. Therefore, proper care must be adhered to while seeking solutions so that you do not end up impairing your health, and that of the baby. 

What are the remedies for back pain during pregnancy? 

The simplest remedies include:

Do some exercises:

  • Simple exercises that do not consume time but focused solely on weak muscles like, stretching of the lower back regularly. Other important activities are the pelvic tilt. It is performed either seated or standing. It improves posture and reduces tension on the lower back by strengthening the abdominal muscles. Also, we have the Kegel exercise. It has the benefit of relieving urinary incontinence by contracting the muscles that stop the flow of urine during urination. It is usually a common complaint by most pregnant women. This assists in strengthening the weakened muscles of the pelvic floor. Aquatic exercise or swimming may also relieve back pain. This is because it encourages the use of both flexor and extensor muscles to remain afloat in the water taking the pressure off the spine.

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Have enough sleep:

  • Be it on a firm mattress, and following smart sleep habits. Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule and relaxing bedtime routine is essential.

Reduce stress: 

  • Minimizing stress through meditation, prenatal yoga, and other techniques that affect the mind. Prenatal yoga has a lot of benefits for reducing pregnancy pain. This is achieved by tackling emotional stress with deep, mindful breathing exercises that can strengthen and empower you. It can improve posture and tone the body in preparation for the birthing process. It also assists in getting better sleep by relaxing your mind and muscles.

Source for alternative treatments like acupuncture and chiropractic services:

  • Acupuncture eliminates any blockages that are interfering with the smooth flow of the body\’s energy. It has shown to be effective in relieving back pain during pregnancy. It must be well administered to prevent unwanted side effects like headaches or overstimulation that can induce labor. Chiropractic is usually associated with joint cracking. It is used in detecting imbalances and helps in correcting them.

Get additional support:

  • Additional back support should be used while sitting, like a lumbar pillow. Proper sitting posture is necessary, as well as a good standing posture. For women whose job nature requires sitting for hours at a time, a combination of a lumbar pillow and a footstool for leg elevation during sitting can minimize pressure on the lower back. At the same time, it can ease pain and improve posture.

Get a prenatal massage:

  • Prenatal massages should be gotten usually on a side-lying position to relax the tight muscles. It improves range of motion and relieves stress.

Maternity belt:

  • Abdominal and back support should be maintained by wearing a maternity belt. This usually supports the weight of the abdomen by performing the job of a weakened abdominal muscle. It thereby decreases strain on the lower back.

Other remedies for back pain during pregnancy include:

  • Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes that do not provide adequate body support.
  • Postural changes should be made, such as standing and sitting upright to enable a straight back and a square shoulder.
  • Inflammation should be reduced. Relax the tight muscles using a warm compressor.
  • Sleep on one side usually on the left side by using a pillow between the legs and below the abdomen. It typically takes the weight of the stomach off the low back.
  • Direct use of alternating hot and cold packs can also relieve back pain. The hot pack relaxes the muscles while the cold packs serve to numb the painful area.
  • Get help when you need to lift heavy objects.
  • Use of simple pain reliever like paracetamol. It is considered safe, but you will need to consult with your doctor first before the intake. If the back pain is terrible, your doctor might prescribe a stronger one or refer you to a physiotherapist.
  • Squat down, bend knees, and keep back straight when lifting an object.
  • Always resist the urge to push your belly far forward but stand up straight.
  • Do not take medications without consulting with your doctor.
  • Practice deep and proper breathing techniques. It helps the rib cage move properly by bringing air into the side rib cage, low and middle back, thereby releasing tightness in those muscles.

Important Notice

Always consult with your doctor before you embark on any of these remedies to ascertain fitness and safety. Also, if you encounter a severe back pain during pregnancy or back pains that last more than two weeks, kindly seek medical help.

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Why Pregnancy S3x is So Important

People\’s opinion on pregnancy s3x varies because various observations are deducted from several angles. You might feel that you have had enough sessions that actually got you pregnant, and what else do you need at that particular point which you don\’t have already. So you see pregnancy s3x as irrelevant or even a taboo. 

Most couples are ignorant of its importance. For some people, they are not too sure how safe it will be for both the mother and child. You may need approval from your doctor due to specific reasons; otherwise, it is perfectly safe. You can continue until the late period of pregnancy. 

Although it is normal for your s3x drive to change during pregnancy, having s3x will not hurt your baby. Because your partner\’s penis will not even go beyond your vagina. For some couples, they find having s3x during pregnancy enjoyable while some won\’t even think of trying it. 

The importance of pregnancy s3x

Pregnancy is not a disease and should not stop you from loving and making love when needed, you only need a good understanding of how to go about it. If you have a healthy pregnancy without complications, having s3x will not lead to a miscarriage or early labor. Pregnancy s3x comes along with emotional and psychological benefits of which some are;

It prevents morning sickness

According to Gallup\’s theory, morning sickness occurs as a result of a rejection of parental cells. It occurs as a foreign substance in the womb, which the body tries to expel through nausea and vomiting. Therefore, the release of sperm during s3x and exposure to increased sperm during pregnancy can subside morning sickness through exposition to either vagina s3x or oral s3x.

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It makes labor and recovery easier

An orgasm usually increases the contractions in the pelvic region during s3x, which will help strengthen the muscles needed for labor and after delivery.

Labor induction

Pregnancy s3x could bring about labor for overdue women as a result of the release of oxytocin, a labor-inducing hormone. Also, the semen that is released contains prostaglandins, even a labor induction hormone which is capable of ripening the cervix.

Prevention of complications

Sperm regulates the immune body\’s system because of its proteinous nature, and having enough of it during pregnancy s3x will help prevent preeclampsia. The cause of preeclampsia is unknown, and it is necessary to always go for prenatal visits and talk to your doctor about your risk.

Reduced blood pressure

There is usually a decrease in blood pressure immediately after having s3x. This is not a cure for high blood pressure because it is only temporal, and proper care should be sought for people having high blood pressure to put it under control.

Improved orgasm with different and better s3x

During pregnancy, most of your nerve endings are more sensitive. Your nipples and clitoris are engorged, and there is more estrogen drawing blood flow to your pelvis or pubic area. It is usually easier to achieve orgasms during this period because of the reasons stated above. Some women who find it challenging to have an orgasm before pregnancy may now observe that they no longer do. Also, your vagina is more lubricated because of the increase in estrogen, which allows for easy penetration.

Improved self-esteem

Despite the change that comes with pregnancy, you may feel that your body is no longer yours. Having s3x can assist in restoring your body\’s confidence and positive feelings about yourself.

Stress reduction

It is normal to worry about a lot of things during pregnancy, like work and changes that will even occur after your baby is born. Remember that your body releases oxytocin, a love hormone when you have an orgasm. This can assist in negating some of those stresses and also improve your sleep. Orgasm is a natural stress reliever that floods your body during s3x due to the presence of oxytocin (endorphins producing hormone), which makes the body feel calm, alleviate pain, and even gives you a happy feeling.

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Preparation for labor

Having s3x will not automatically put you into labor if you are past your due date or in full-term. It can only help your body prepare for labor because of the semen, which contains prostaglandins, which can help ripen the cervix.

Improved connections

You must connect with your partner now while you have time because once the baby is born, you will need more of that connection. Most women become more focused on their pregnancies, and at the time, their partners are left out. Having frequent s3x will now help strengthen the intimate relationship and sustain the bond you have with your partner and make you establish a healthy habit for the future.

Discovery of new s3x positions

There are several s3x positions that you may find unpleasant and unpleasurable before pregnancy. But when pregnancy sets in, you will begin to explore new styles and positions that you never even imagined due to the shape of the tummy. It is now the moment you try out new positions with your partner.

You can only be ignorant about what you do not know. Now that you have seen the many benefits of pregnancy s3x, it is high time you take the bull by the horn and explore all these benefits with your spouse.

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