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Bad Parenting? See what a 9-year-old girl wore for her birthday

This 9-year-old girl’s mum wore her this bikini and heavy makeup for her 9th-year birthday photoshoot. Every child’s birthday is a big deal for the parents, and many parents want to make it a memorable day, and I am sure that is what this mother was doing. But is there no better way to create a memorable experience than applying heavy makeup on a child’s face?


Children are excited about new clothes, and it does make a world of difference when it’s for their birthday. But I wouldn’t imagine a bikini for a birthday dress talk more of a birthday photoshoot. In this age where pedophiles are on the increase, I wouldn’t want to imagine the message the mother of this child is sending. That her daughter is ripe enough for plucking? Or that she is sensual enough for admiration? The image she is helping her daughter build about herself is poor. A better covering dress will work the magic of the day.

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Do you think it is ok for a nine-year-old to wear makeup? Does it matter what type of clothing a child wears for the birthday? Do you think the mother is exposing her daughter to any dangers, and if yes, what dangers? As a mother, would you dress your kid in such style?

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