Best Tablets for Kids, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

kids tablets for learning

Introducing your baby to technology is a major step to enhancing their development and growth. You don’t want to be careless with what you expose them to on the internet. The type of tablet you give to them will determine how far your labor of love goes. Listed are some tablets that will help you achieve your goal.

1. Veidoo Premium 7inch Kids Android Tablet with Parental Control

This is one of the best children’s tablet with powerful functions. It comes with a kid-proof silicone case, unlimited and free learning & gaming apps, and parental control settings to monitor your kid’s activities on the tablet.

veidoo tablet
  • Kid-proof Silicone Case: The kid-proof silicone case is soft, lightweight, and durable, parents would not worry about the drops by accident.
  • Parental Control: You can download unlimited and free learning & gaming apps in iWawa store, and the Parental Control settings can take charge of kids’ behavior on this tablet, like time-limited, website white list, etc.
  • Powerful Function: Upgraded quad-core CPU with Android operating system, support Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.
  • 16GB ROM and 1Gb RAM, and it supports up to 32GB memory card
  • 3,000 mAh lithium battery

2. B.B.PAW Authorized Kids Learning Tablet

This is a 7-inch Android tablet with exclusively authorized learning apps.


  1. It is preloaded unique and exclusive content in games, arts, English, maths, activities that help memory, logic brain education, creativity, language improvement, communication, and attention
  2. Comes with 120 learning apps designed by experts in educational and children development
  3. Suitable for children of ages 2 to 6
  4. Bluetooth, camera, WiFi, Proof case
  5. 8GB memory space

3. TOPELOTEK Android Tablet for Toddlers

This 7-inch toddler tablet edition comes in green color and with its Parental control and Google play store feature, it is suitable for your baby to use.


  1. Pre-installed apps on the tablet
  2. Interesting puzzle games, books, music, and movies for kids and art-learning apps.
  3. It has the kids’ safety protection screen to protect your kids’ eyes
  4. 16GB ROM and 1Gb RAM, and it supports up to 32GB memory card
  5. Boast of advanced parental control technology.

4. Vankyo Kid Tablet with Appropriate Content

Another Android tablet that is safe for your child is the 7-inch Vankyo tablet. One of its highlights is its large memory space of 32GB when compared to other kid’s tablets.


  1. Has Kidoz pre-installed
  2. IPS HD display for perfect viewing
  3. kid-appropriate apps, games, videos, paintings, music, puzzles, websites and Apps are available in unlimited numbers.
  4. Advanced parental control
  5. Kid-proof case to protect against dust, fall and drops.

5. Tagital Tablet Both for Kids and Parents

This 10.1-inch display kids Android tablet is great for both parents and kids. It comes with a pre-installed kids mode.


  1. Parents can switch from kids mode  and back to kids mode
  2. Children can create their background
  3. Designed with Parents dashboard to enable parents to discover contents their children will love.
  4. The case comes with a stand to enable hands-free for kids.
  5. 16GB memory and 1GB RAM

6. LeapFrog Academy Kids’ Learning Tablet


  • This tablet is packed with over 20 Apps. All educational and creative.
  • These apps are developed by LeapFrog learning experts.
  • 3-month free access of the Leapfrog academy
  • Up to 5 hours use time
  • Suitable for children between 3 to 8 years old.

7. FUNSHION Kids Learning Tablets with Parental Control


  • Android 9.0 with a 7-inch screen size
  • Designed for children 2 to 12 years of age
  • Comes with a cute cartoon character silicone childproof case
  • 1GB RAM and 16GB internal memory space
  • It comes with 40 pre-installed Apps for learning and entertainment.
  • Can install apps from Google playstore.
  • Parental control and safe for kid’s eyes.

8. TUFEN Eye Protection Display, Kids Tablet


  1. Android 9.0, 7-inch, 16GB ROM kid’s tablet
  2. Has the IPS eye protection display
  3. Dual camera with WiFi
  4. Suitable for children of 2 to 10 years old.
  5. Parental control feature
  6. Access to age-appropriate content for kids.

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