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Proofing and Safety Kits for Babies

As parents, ensuring baby safety is of paramount concern, especially when your kids are just starting to walk. When your kid starts to move from one place to another, you must make their surroundings and home safe for them.

Baby-proofing or childproofing is the process of making an environment safe and free of damages or injuries for babies. To ensure your home or environment is safe for your kids, there are some baby proofing products you can make use of. I’ll be listing these handful products below.

When to Install Baby proofing products

You need to install baby proofing products as soon as your kid begins to crawl around the house. Do not wait until your baby starts to walk. Once your baby starts to crawl, it is essential to install baby proofing and safety locks to prevent injuries.

Things to look out for before purchasing any baby proofing or safety locks
  • Adjustability: Before buying any baby proofing product, ensure that the product is easily adjustable.
  • Made of magnet: Ensure that any baby proofing product you will be buying is magnetic; that way, it will be easy for you to place them in areas where you want to put them without having to drill.
  • Easy to use: Choose a product that will be easy for you to use and install. 

1. Eco-Baby Safety Magnetic Locks


The Eco-baby safety magnetic locks are robust with adhesive tapes that can attach firmly without leaving marks—designed with extra strong magnets, making it suitable for solid wood cabinets or drawers.


  • It has a one-click function with a flip on/off, which you can use to lock and unlock the locks anytime you want.
  • The locks are easy to install and includes a plastic template for proper alignment and secure installation.

2. WonderKid Adjustable Child Safety Locks


This is an eco-friendly, child safety locks made from high quality, and non-toxic plastic material – Designed to ensure your convenience and to secure your kids from harm and injury.

  • It is adjustable and flexible, making it suitable for use on both flat surfaces and around corners.
  • The length of the strap can be adjusted from 4 – 7.5 inches.
  • The lock is easy to use, install, and remove. No drill, screws, or tools needed.

3. Regalo Baby Gate With Door


This baby gate is a safe and convenient baby proofing tool to use in safeguarding your kid around the house. This baby gate for stairs meets all criteria for protecting your kid. It is suitable for children between 6 – 24 months and also great for pets.

  • It is easy to use and set up with its pressure mount design.
  • The gate is adjustable and can accommodate door openings between 29-34 inches or 35-38.5 inches wide.
  • It is adjustable and includes a 6-inchwide extension kit, with four pressure mount spindle rods and wall cups and screws.

4. GoodStuff Cabinets Lock and Drawers Latch


This cabinet lock is made with durable adhesive materials to ensure all-day-long protection – designed to protect your kids from harm and also to prevent your pets from ransacking your kitchen.

  • It is super easy to use and to install.
  • Suitable for baby proofing all kinds’ cabinets, cupboards, and drawers in seconds.
  • It has no magnetic keys to prevent the keys from been misplaced.

5. EUDEMON Childproof Oven Door Lock


Eudemon safety locks are durable and made with heat resistant tapes to ensure that the lock won’t be roasted when using it.

  • Easy to use and install with a user-friendly installation manual. No drill or tools are needed.
  • Designed with a unique double button making it hard for babies to open but easy for adults to open and close with one hand.

6. Adoric Sliding Cabinet Locks


This is a secure, adjustable extra-long U-shaped latch with maximum lock length up to 5 inches. It allows you to adjust the lock to different configurations and handles easily. Its non-adhesive design makes it easy for you to remove the lock on the furniture conveniently. Regarded as one of the best child proof cabinet locks to protect your baby from injuries.

  • Easy to use and set up. No drills or tools needed.
  • It is suitable for all types of knobs, handles, cabinets, refrigerators, cupboards, and storage doors.

7. Skyla TV & Furniture Anchors


This can be used for freestanding furniture like bookcase, cabinets, dresser, and Tv that are prone to fall quickly. Designed to prevent injuries in kids as they tend to all always pull the chest of drawers and even try to climb the top of the furniture to get their toys.

  • It includes 10 straps, 10 long screws, 10 anchors, 10 washers, 20 short screws, and 50 tv bolts.
  • Each strap contained in it can support up to 70 kg of weight.
  • Makes use of a triple-stitched, detachable ABS belt that is made of quality products to enhance maximum protection and safety.

8. Skyla Magnetic Cabinet Locks


The Skyla Magnetic baby cabinet locks come in a variety of packs ranging from beginner, standard, and value packs and, once mounted, are completely hidden to prevent your kids or pets from removing them.

  • Universally fit for all types of cabinet, cupboard, drawers, dressers, and doors.
  • It contains 16 multi-purpose snap-proof cabinet locks, 2 keys, wet-wipes, replacement adhesive, and manufacturer lifetime guarantee and user-friendly installation guide.

9. Baitiny All-in-one Safety Kit and Cabinet Locks


The Baby Safety Kit is perfect for all your family’s needs with up to 12 packs of cabinet locks. It has a large clear corner protector that can provide more comprehensive protection.

  • Easy to use and install no-drill and tools needed.
  • Made from non-toxic materials and, therefore, safe for your baby.
  • Made of soft and robust corner guards with tight outlet lockers.

10. Roving Cove Baby Proofing Edge Protectors

The Roving Cove Baby Proofing Edge Protectors has large, powerful neodymium magnets that can penetrate 1.5 inches of solid wood to unlock your cabinet door.

  • It is flame-resistant and contains no heavy metals or latex.
  • A premium safety rail net with mesh that is made of heavy grade fabric.

11. Sikoimate Baby Proofing Cabinet Locks


The Proofing Cabinet Locks contains 43 pieces of cabinet locks for child safety including, 8 magnetic cabinet locks plus 2 keys, 16 clear corner protectors, 10 outlet plugs, 6 child safety locks, and child safety cabinet magnetic locks, all of which requires no drill.

  • It has 6 baby safety locks that are flexible and with an adjustable length strap making it suitable for both flat surfaces and around corners.
  • With 10 childproof outlet plug cover, it can be used to cover electric outlet plugs when not in use and protects your kids from exposure to electrical current.

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