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Best Art Materials and Painting Sets for Kids

Kids Paint Set

You have figured out that your child has an interest in art, and you are ready to fan the flame and encourage your child\’s gift. Whether they\’re toddlers or teens, boys or girls, everyone loves to engage in activities with suitable arts and crafts kits, drawing materials to improve their creativity and thinking.

What do your kids do with their free/playtime, except watching their favorite cartoons and children\’s channels? Do you know that you can introduce fun and learn with some creative kids painting sets to acquire hand-eye coordination, stimulate their senses, and experience the beauty of art?

Here is a list of art materials and painting sets for kids;

US Art Supply Painting & Drawing Set

This art supply comes highly recommended. With so many art supplies to assist your child to do what she or he loves. What is contained in the package?

  • Deluxe drawing set kit for beginners
  • A solid Solana Adjustable wood desktop table which comes with a drawer
  • A 15-piece brush set, color mixing wheel, and a plastic palette
  • A field sketch pad, drawing sketch pad and watercolour pad
  • A beautiful wood box drawing set which contains 24 color pencils, 24 oil pastels, 24 watercolor cakes, eraser, sanding block, 2 paintbrushes, 60 wax crayons, 2 drawing pencils, 3 mixing trays, and a sharpener

This product has all you need from sketching, drawing and painting in one purchase and all neatly and safely packaged.

ColorCrayz Paint Set For Kids

This washable paint set is a bundle that will help bring out the painter in your child. Its content includes:

  • 12 vibrant washable non-toxic paint colors
  • A mixing tray palette
  • Pre-drawn 8 by 10 100% cotton art canvass with tabletop wooden easel
  • 5 Paintbrushes and waterproof smock

All the paint supplies are packed in portable storage bad with a zipper for safekeeping and easy carrying.

Kid Made Modern Studio Painting Kit

This is another sketching, coloring and painting art tool to help unlock your child’s creativity. Here are its high-quality supplies

  • Watercolor pad
  • Mixed paper pad
  • 12 Watercolor paints and 10 acrylic paints
  • 16 colored pencils and 3 drawing pencils
  • 10 washable markers
  • 3 crayon disc
  • 1 wooden sharpener and 1 eraser
  • 5 paints brushes
  • 4 canvass boards

All these items are neatly contained in a carrying or storage case.

LUCKY CROWN Drawing & Painting Set for Kids

This 143 pieces of Delux art set is good for children, teens, and adults. This art supply comes with a beautiful wooden case. Below is its content

  • 24 watercolor cakes
  • 1 sandpaper block
  • 2 drawing pencils
  • 3 8-well palettes
  • 24 color pencils
  • 24 nontoxic oil pastels
  • 60 nontoxic crayon
  • 1 eraser
  • 1 sharpener
  • 2 brushes

It is safe for kids and it is environment-friendly.

Mont Marte Art Paint Brushes Set Kids

Looking to buy a set of paintbrushes that will make painting fun and fine, you should get these sets of 15 different sizes, brushes for watercolor and acrylic oil for kids and adults.

  • Ranges from size 3/0 to 12 C
  • Of professional quality
  • Suitable for various kinds of painting. Acrylics, watercolor, gouaches, oil painting.
  • Comes with a beautiful holder with zipper
  • It is not easily destroyed and bristles can easily be maintained

Darice Acrylic Painting Set for Kids

Darice Studio 71 is a 27 piece acrylic painting set excellent for children. Below are its contents

  • 16 12mL tubes of acrylic paint
  • 2 40mL tubes of acrylic paint
  • 1 palette
  • 1 palette knife and 1 palette cup
  • 3 brushes
  • 1 painting medium
  • 1 sketch pencil

All these are contained in a portable wooden case ensuring it is organized, neatly packed for safekeeping and carriage.

Professional Drawing Pad and Drawing Set for Kids

If you are looking for art materials for a beginner and also a professional, then this Deluxe Art with 85 pieces will be the right call. It contains

  • 12 sketching pencils
  • 12 watercolors cakes
  • 8 acrylic paints
  • 28 watercolor pencils
  • 10 artist brushes
  • 8 oil pastels
  • 1 plastic palette, 1 erase
  • 1 wooden sharpener

They are all non-toxic and a neatly organized in a wooden case for ease for carriage and prevention of loss.

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