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How Often Should I Bathe My Newborn Baby?

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Bathing a baby is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences a parent may have. They may feel impossibly delicate, and you might be concerned about whether they\’re warm or relaxed enough, as well as whether you\’re doing a thorough job. Whether you\’re bathing your first baby or your last, you\’re bound to have some newborn bathing concerns, the most pressing of which is how to keep your baby clean., “How often should I bathe my baby?”

First baths

Although it has long been recommended that the baby be bathed as soon as possible after birth, newer research indicates that delaying the first bath may be beneficial. In any case, the nurses are likely to give the baby their first bath, but you can still watch and ask for advice for bathing at home. Bathe your infant one or two days a week before their umbilical stump falls off once you get home. Don\’t immerse their body in water before this occurs. Instead, start with their head and face and work your way down with a warm washcloth and a gentle sponge bath. You may need a bath to clean up diaper blowouts if the mess is coming from the other end. At this age, however, they do not need a regular bath unless there is a mess.

1-3 months

You should bathe your baby 1-2 days a week for the first few months of his or her life. It would help if you offered them more conventional baths until they no longer have their umbilical stump. Fill a baby bath tub halfway with warm water and let them sit and splash while you wash them with water and gentle baby soap. Cover them with damp washcloths to keep them warm during the bath. You can begin with their face and head and work your way down once more. It\’s also worth remembering that adults prefer water that is much colder than infants. Maintain a lukewarm temperature, and your baby will undoubtedly enjoy the bath time cuddles.

3-6 months

You may want to switch up your child\’s bath routine as they get older. At this age, babies only need to be bathed 1-3 times a week, but if they seem to like the water or like splashing while getting washed, you can bathe them more often. Many parents use diaper and outfit changes as an opportunity to give their baby a fast wipe down to ensure that all of their vital organs are clean. If you want to bathe your child more than twice a week, limit the use of soap to one or two baths to prevent drying out their skin. After bath time, apply a soft, fragrance- and dye-free lotion to your infant.

6-12 months

You will decide that you need to start bathing your baby more regularly once he or she becomes mobile and starts eating solids. Although they only need one or two soapy baths a week, you can give them a sponge bath or place them in the tub to soak and clean off as messes occur. Bath time can also be a fun way to calm down your baby before bedtime. It\’s perfectly acceptable to include a bath in your relaxing nighttime routine at this age if this works for you.

Why you shouldn’t bathe your baby every day?

Although it may seem strange to bathe your baby so infrequently, babies do not need as much bathing as adults. They don\’t sweat or get dirty as older people do, and their skin is even more resilient than adults. Bathing regularly will potentially cause more damage than good. Bathe your baby one or two days a week with a mild, scent- and dye-free soap to prevent drying out their skin and worsening conditions like eczema. When they\’re done bathing, pat them dry before applying a dye- and fragrance-free baby moisturizer and dressing them right away.


Bathe your baby just once or twice a week for the first few months. As babies get older, they can need more frequent baths as they become messier or enjoy themselves in the tub. You can enjoy your baby\’s bath time joy as they grow as long as you use gentle products and don\’t notice any problems with their skin. Peradventure, you see any changes on their skin, contact your pediatrician immediately!!

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