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Using Curse Words Before Your Kids – A Guide for Parents

Words have more power than we know, and kids learn from their parents. The kind of words you use and your action before your children form their behavioral pattern. Some argue that swearing or using curse words in front of your kids is not bad as long as it is not at them. I would say as long as it is not acceptable to use curse words on your kids, then you should be using it on anyone in the first place, and you shouldn\’t be doing that before your children. 

Impact of using curse words before your kids
  1. You are your child\’s first teacher. They learn their first, second, and tenth words from you. They also learn to use the curse words they hear you say to others or them, and it becomes a part of their vocabulary.
  2. Your child will use the curse words they have heard, and others say on you and their siblings if they have any.
  3. Children believe at the early stage of their lives that whatever their parents do is right. They pick up your language and use it because they think it is correct.
  4. Babies mimic every word their parents say when they start learning to speak, and it does include curse words.
  5. Cursing in front of your toddler and baby is teaching them aggressiveness.
  6. You also teach your baby that profanity is acceptable. Don\’t be surprised when your baby begins to use it on you.
  7. The words you use when under duress or when you are frustrated impacts how your baby grows to handle his emotions
What should you do in front of your kids?

Getting angry is inevitable, but you should avoid cursing.

  • Decide to stop cursing all together. It makes it easier not to use curse words accidentally before your kids.
  • From when your child is a baby, speak positive and kind words before them.
  • Many parents have tried replacing curse words with other words. You might also try this trick. You can form yours or try these;
  • \”What the frog, shut the front door, fire truck, holy ship.\”
  • Stop yelling and shouting. Learn to communicate your emotions properly without raising your voice or attaching curse words.
  • Swearing could have been a learned behavior from the family or background you grew up in, and you don\’t want your children to learn that you have to work on yourself to do better. And teach your kids why swearing or cursing isn\’t the best way to let out their frustrations.
  • When your emotions get the best of you, it best you say calming things or stay quiet. There are wisdom and strength in quietness, and your little ones need to learn this.

In case you are wondering what curse words are or swearing means below are examples of them; Fuck, Shit, Bull shit, Fuck you, shut the fuck up, holy shit, Jeez, and many others. Words are power physically, emotionally, psychologically, and socially. You don\’t want to find yourself misusing such a powerful tool and then teaching your baby and toddlers to do likewise.

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