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Beautiful Names for Twin Girls

What about all the twins, who are so darn fascinating? We idolize them when they\’re famous. We envy them when we\’re young (I know I\’m not the only one who dreamed of having the same partner-in-crime as a kid!)— some women even adhere to conception-friendly diets, they say, to improve their chances of having cute little duos.

The nine months before the birth of your double extravaganza (twin girls) are full of celebrations and blessings. Many important things will have to be completed now, the most relevant being the name selection for your children. Your little ladies are going to be the same. Does that mean that your twin girls will have names that are carbon copies of each other as well? Although it may seem cute to imagine the two cherubs with identical names, do your girls a favor and think about their future.

They\’re twins, sure, but they\’re also humans, and a day will come when they\’re going to be women. This pairing would be intertwined in so many respects, so it will be wise to find a collection of names that are unique form each other and yet sound homogenous as a pair. Make an effort to select stylistically similar names. Use two unique names or two traditional names, but avoid mixing and matching. You can also pick two romantic yet female names, or you can also go for something androgynous.

When you’re searching twin girl baby names, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do the names indicate that your children are a pair?
  • If yes, is this what you want?
  • Are their names easily confused?
  • Do you want them to have the same initials?
  • Do their names lend themselves to nicknames and, if they do, is that what you want?
  • If so, do the nicknames work together as a pair?

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Start talking to your partner about potential twins’ baby girl names; keep a list of favorite names handy so that you can jot down if a name appears in your brain. Whatever you like, say the names of your babies aloud with their middle names (if any) and your last name. If you have other babies, consider how this pairing sounds in conjunction with their names.

Here is a list of unique names for your twins’ baby girls:

  • June – Juno (bridal month)
  • July – Julia (summer season)
  • Saffron – Amber (autumn names)
  • Crystal – Neva (evoke the snow of winter)
  • Olive and Lillian (beauty/dignity – purity/beauty)
  • Adah and Dinah (an assembly – judgement)
  • Grace and Esther (Blessing – secret/hidden)
  • Joy – Merry (Yuletide season)
  • Amethyst – Frost (winter names)
  • Amelie – Abrienne (hardworking – feminine of Abraham)
  • Callie – Cecilia (beautiful – blind)
  • Fiona – Fallyn (fair – in charge)
  • Indira – Ivy (splendid – faithfulness)
  • Kellyn – Kira (descendant of the bright headed one – light)
  • Savannah – Sierra (from the open plain – dark)
  • Suzie – Shawna (graceful – God is gracious)
  • Tabitha – Trista (beauty – noisy)
  • Cleo and Claire
  • Clarisse and Celeste
  • Elizabeth and Emily
  • Jemimah and Keturah (As beautiful as the day – fragrance)
  • Lois and Lydia (Better – standing pool)
  • Ursula – Uma (little female bear – tranquility)
  • Aditi – Smriti (meaning freedom – memory)
  • Antara – Akshara (second note in Hindustani music – everlasting)
  • Anaya – Shanaya (god answers – first ray of the sun)
  • Bhavya – Navya (splendid – young)
  • Himanshi – Ekanshi (part of snow – of one part)
  • Jiya – Diya (sweetheart – light)
  • Khushi – Aarushi (happy – ray of light)
  • Riddhi – Siddhi (fortunate – perfection)
  • Tarini – Manini (Goddess Durga/Parvati – a lady)
  • Vanya – Tanya (gracious gift of God – fairy queen)
  • Ava – Olivia (bird – the symbol of peace)
  • Ella – Emma (beautiful fairy – universal)
  • Haylee – Kaylee (hay clearing – pure)
  • Paris-Norah (gorgeous- shining light)
  • Karishma-Kareena (attractive-pure)
  • Aarushi- Ahaana (1st rays of sun)
  • Aarzoo- Aakansha (desire)
  • Aashi- Aashita (happiness)
  • Clarisa- Leonara (bright)

More Unique Twin Girls Names

  • Alice- Freya (noble)
  • Karishma- Kashish (attractive)
  • Aadhaya- Aakarsha (powerful)
  • Ava/Eva and Grace (Living – blessing)
  • Victoria and Rebecca (a song – beautiful soil)
  • Aasha- Aashita (hope)
  • Mohini- Menaka (beautiful)
  • Amisha- Ananya (beautiful)
  • Charu- Charvi (beautiful)
  • Deepa – Deepika (light)
  • Sampada-Sampatti (wealth)
  • Aaarzo- Aakanksha (desire)
  • Garima – Anita (graceful)
  • Erin and Ellen
  • Grace and Georgia
  • Hannah and Hazel
  • Hema- Hemakshi (golden-eyed) 
  • Madhubala- Mansi (a sweet girl)
  • Meghana- Megha (cloud)
  • Avantika- Rani (queen)
  • Scarlett-Penelope 
  • Esta -Tara (both meaning “star”)
  • Storm – Salena (meaning “moon”)
  • Meadow – Amaya (meaning “night rain”)
  • Abigail and Adriel (A father’s joy – flock of God)
  • Faith and Hope (loyalty – expectations)
  • Diana- Rishima (Moon Goddess)
  • Celine- Luna (Moon)
  • Trinity -Nevaeh (\”Heaven\” spelled backward – a popular trend of late) 
  • Devangi- Devyanshi (divine)
  • Devina- Devika (goddess)
  • Sita- Vaidehi (name of the wife of Lord Ram) 
  • Aaradhna- Aarti (worship)
  • Abhaya-Akshita (Fearless- Wonder girl)
  • Ambar-Divya (The sky- Divine)
  • Amrita-Dhara (Spiritual holy water- Constant flow)
  • Diana and Elisha (Luminous – the Salvation of God)
  • Jyotsna-Swara (Radiant like flames- Self-shining) 
  • Mohini-Shreya (Most beautiful)
  • Farrah-Muskaan (One who smiles)
  • Anandi – Aeisha (Happy One) 
  • Aboli- Kusum (Flower)
  • Daisy-Violet (Flower)
  • Ketki- Juhi (Flower)
  • Addison and Abigail
  • Ashley and Angela
  • Alyssa and Annalise

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