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Unique Twin Boy Names with Meanings

Baby twin names

The twins take over! With so many mamas getting twin babies these days, it might seem like it\’s not a big deal to be pregnant with two. So while it\’s healthier so more painless than ever to have twins today, it\’s still quite a challenge to bear a couple of babies at the same time. Getting two little ones at once would be better later, so hold on in those tricky early days. If they\’re a bit older, the chances are that your same-age siblings will become built-in best friends who can play together and support each other.

If you\’re getting twin boys, these twin baby names guide will take the pressure out of your difficult decision. You felt it was hard to choose a baby name before you found out you had to find two of them! It\’s frustrating, and we know that. Yet we also like to think twice as much fun. Where to continue, then?

Most parents adhere to the theme when deciding twin names, such as Faith and Hope, London, and Paris. Several parents, however, forget the pieces and go along with two names that are as personal as their children, such as Jacob and Michael. Another option is to pick two names that start with the same letter, such as Andrew and Ava. A popular trend for parents of twin boys is choosing two names that begin with the same message. 

Twins typically have differences in appearance and nature, which is why having identical names is not a bad thing. You can also choose names that reflect colors, nature, and human attributes, or have spiritual meanings. 

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Here\’s a list of twin boy names and their significance.

  • Ariel and Atwood (Lion of God – Forest dweller)
  • Barclay and Benton (Meadow of birch trees – One who dwells in the moors
  • Colin and Cub (Colm – Dove)
  • Leon and Leonard (Lion – As brave as a lion)
  • Oliver and Orson (Olive tree – Like the bear)
  • Walden and Wildon (Woods – From the wooded hill)
  • Asher and Felix (Fortunate)
  • Frederick and Milo (Peace)
  • Orlando and Rodrigo (Famous)
  • Cyrus and Samson (Sun)
  • Louis and Walter (Warrior)
  • Alden and Ramona (Wise)
  • Anuj and Tanuj (Rising Sun)
  • Mridul and Mukul (Soft – Blossom)
  • Hemal and Heman (Gold )
  • Lalith and Lohith (Elegant – Red, made of copper
  • Sanket and Sankalp (Signal – Determination
  • Tapan and Tapas (Sun – Heat
  • Aaron and Abel (Exalted – Breath
  • Abe and Abraham (Father of nations
  • Christian and Christopher (Follower of Christ – Christ-bearer
  • John and Jonah (God is gracious – Dove
  • Melchior and Michael (City of the King – Humble
  • Noah and Noel (Comfort – Christmas
  • Daniel and Nathaniel (God is my judge – Gift of God
  • Aidan and Caden (Little fire – Spirit of battle
  • Rhett and Brett (A native of Brittany
  • Jarrett and Barrett (Spear strong – Brave as a bear
  • Ian and Ryan (Gift from God – Little King)
  • Graham and Sam (Gravelly homestead – Told by God)
  • Preston and Weston (Priest\’s estate – From the Western tower
  • Casper and Jasper (Treasurer – Keeper of a treasure)
  • Carmello and Othello (Fruitful orchard – Prosperous)
  • Bob and Max – (Bright fame – Greatest)
  • Dexter and Frank (Right-handed – Free-man
  • Hunter and Jake (One who hunts – Supplanter)
  • Julian and Aaron (Youthful – Exalted
  • Henry and Rufus (Estate ruler – Red-haired
  • Valentino and Matteo (Strength – Gift of God
  • Jackson and Madison (God has been gracious – Gift of God\’
  • Henry and Harry (Both mean Estate ruler
  • Charlie and Riley (Freeman – Courageous
  • Ethan and Evan (Strong – The Lord is gracious
  • Jordan and Justin (Flowing down – Righteous 

Other Twin Boys Names:

  • Arthur and Dylan
  • Greg and George
  • Brett and Brendon
  • Matteo and Valentino
  • Tristan and Timothy
  • Henry and William
  • William and Wyatt
  • Michael and Angelo
  • Dakota and Dallas 
  • Jacob and Joshua

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