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Using Curse Words Before Your Kids – A Guide for Parents

Words have more power than we know, and kids learn from their parents. The kind of words you use and your action before your children form...

My Husband Wouldn’t Do Baby’s Dishes But Have Time for His...

Wife lashes out at her husband for not helping out with baby's dishes even though he has the time to record a whole album. She complains...

When to start disciplining kids

You start disciplining your child right from when he can differentiate the left hand from the right side. It begins at an early age. A child...

How to Control Your Child’s Anger

Children go through many phases in life as maturity and developments creep in. Angry emotions occur as part of this developing phase, and dealing with this...

How to Handle Separation Anxiety in Toddlers

It's normal for your child to cry when you leave, but it's still upsetting. Leaving your child is never easy, and it's even more difficult if...

Things You Should Understand if You Have a Baby and a...

You most likely had your pet before your baby, and your pet is a major part of your family circle and daily routine. Now that your baby is...

6 Secrets to Being a Less Stressed Out Parent

The Secrets to Being a Less Stressed Out Parent Parenting never gets easier for anyone whether you are a stay at home...

Ways to teach your child to care about others who have...

I have come to realize that children are always kind-hearted. They are considerate when it comes to sharing what they have with others. This allows some...

Become the best dad for your kids

Fathers remain an integral part of their children's lives as they grow, marry, and start their own families.

How to help a baby choking

What can you do when you see your baby choking? Even though it is something every parent or guardian does not want to imagine, knowing the...

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